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Renovation of the VMFA's "Faberge and Russian Decorative Arts" Exhibit

Watch the behind-the-scenes process of an art exhibit renovation at Richmond's own Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Video Credit: Briget Ganske ©Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Richmond basketball players make their Final Four picks

Four Richmond basketball players reflect on this year's NCAA Tournament and discuss who they think will bring home the trophy when it's all over.

International students explore Virginia through Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Program

Two international students studying at University of Richmond stopped in colonial Williamsburg on their way to False Cape State Park, where they challenged themselves on a two-day backpacking trip along the Atlantic Coast.

University of Richmond's 2015 White Ribbon Run

RCSGA and University of Richmond hosted a 5k White Ribbon Run on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015

University of Richmond Students Participate in Girls Fight Back

In September, many women at University of Richmond attended Richmond’s first Girls Fight Back presentation

How to tie a Toga

Richmond seniors will kick off the year with the annual senior toga party Thursday. But how does one make a toga? Jack Nicholson offers a step-by-step guide.

University of Richmond Orientation Welcome 2015

Student leaders welcome new students to University of Richmond

University of Richmond tennis players put out forrest fire

Toward the end of a practice, four Richmond varsity tennis players noticed a threatening fire in a wooded area by their courts. Video courtesy of Jon Quenard.

Sexual Misconduct Survey Results Published

Sexual Misconduct policy, a topical subject across college campuses, has been talked about more than usual at University of Richmond this week. On March 24, 2015, The Collegian published the results to its Campus Attitudes on Sexual Misconduct survey. University administrators hosted a previously scheduled town hall forum on the sexual misconduct policy the following night. The Collegian documented the busy week.

Interview with future President Ronald. A Crutcher

Future University of Richmond President Ronald A. Crutcher sat down for an interview with Katie Thomson after his welcome ceremony on Friday, Feb. 27.

Film production by: Robert Kraft, Katie Mogul, Gabe Obregon, Larissa Bateman and Maria Fernandez

RCSGA Presidential Candidate Debate

Candidates Matt Logan and Angelo Suggs Jr. debate in the Pier on Monday, March 2nd.

Voting is open Tuesday, March 3rd from 8am-8pm online at Be sure to cast your vote!

Valentine's Day

With the holiday coming up this Saturday, reporter Katie Thomson asks students what they have planned for Valentine's Day.

Students Comment on the Ring Dance Controversy

Reporters Stephanie Manley and Brooke Harty ask students in the commons how they feel about the incidents that occurred this past Saturday at Ring Dance.

McAuliffe Visibility Demonstration

Richmond alumna Lesley Shinbaum leads various chants to attract the attention of passersby. Chants included "Keep Ken out of my vagina!" in reference to Cuccinelli's stance on access to abortions.

UR's Darien Brothers reflects on Spider Basketball Career

Filmed and edited by Erin Moyer and Scott Himelein.