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Friday, December 09, 2022

Students "spill" troubles in anonymous online forum

A new website that allows students to rant confidentially and receive feedback about college-related problems will soon connect Richmond students with peers who have been in their shoes.

Senior Katie Wilcox is trying to bring (Supporting Peers in Laid-back Listening) to Richmond. Successful across ten other campuses, the website enables students to send in private messages about any sort of problems they are having and receive advice or just a comforting word from six to eight student "supporters" on campus.

Wilcox is responsible for training these supporters.

"These people [will] respond to the 'spill' by encouraging the student and letting them know that someone cares about their problems, and that they aren't alone," she said. "Others have experienced it too."

She emphasized that they do not act as therapists because they are only briefly trained by Wilcox using a manual. Instead, they are simply peer supporters, like anonymous friends always equipped with advice.

"I've used it before," said sophomore Caitlin Selinger, "about something I didn't feel was serious enough for CAPS, but that I didn't really want to talk to my friends about. The advice I got back was very personal; I found it to be very helpful and comforting."

SPILL has not officially been approved by student activities, but Wilcox is doing what she can to bring it to campus.

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