10. The delicious pork. I don't know about you, but that straight-off-the-skewer taste is something I crave all year. You'd think a professional cook was flown in to roast that pig to a tender perfection, and with the crispy Brioche rolls to go along with it (actually, they might be hamburger buns, but those things sure taste straight out of an expensive French bakery) the meal is worthy of a four-star restaurant. Oh, and I can't forget the baked bean dessert to top things off. My mouth is already watering.

9. The dancing. The lodges are always too dark for anyone to see my dance moves/me to see theirs on normal weekends, so I'm always happy on Pig Roast when everything is in broad daylight. Last year I discovered that people were even better dancers than I thought, and I was a little bit intimidated. Since then, however, I've been working on a routine that I will casually be performing on any stage in sight.

8. The friendliness. Usually if you know someone on campus it's a swift "Hi," or an awkward wave, and you keep walking. At the most it's a brief conversation. On Pig Roast, however, everyone seems to be in a great, friendly mood and the greetings range from a hug to a quick make-out -- whether the person is a close friend or a worker in D-Hall. I almost feel like I'm meeting everyone all over again.

7. D-Hall. Everyone knows that awkward panicked feeling when you realize none of your friends are in D-Hall and you're going to have to slink away to the back room and hope nobody sees you as you gulp down your Cheerios alone. On Pig Roast, however, everybody's beckoning you to sit at their table -- or on their lap, or to leave D-Hall to go eat in their room -- and the environment is warm and comforting.

6. The sold-out concerts. So what if Afroman was a little late? His "Because I Got High" lyrics truly inspired me and have earned him a spot on my favorite artists list. And no, I don't mean rapper, I mean artist. I can only hope Flo Rida's lyrics are as touching.

5. Everyone's funnier. If you crack a joke on a normal day, a few laughs are a welcomed surprise. On Pig Roast, everyone seems to be a stand-up comedian, and confidence soars. From performing karaoke to taking a bite of a piece of pizza, there's nothing that isn't funny.

4. You get to know people better. Since everyone's in a friendly mood, Pig Roast is the time to make your closest friends. Whether it's the bathroom of a lodge, or the baked bean station outside, the atmosphere is prime for deep, life-altering conversations. Reveal as much about yourself as possible, because friends that Pig Roast together stay together.

3. The fashion. You'd never know this was a wealthy liberal arts school on Pig Roast, because everyone likes to go for a unique grunge look. From sweatpants to ripped jeans, the variety of outfits is astounding.

2. The deep midday sleep. For some reason people seem to get tired in the middle of the day on Pig Roast and collapse into bed, whether it's theirs or not. From how hard everyone's been dancing to how much pig they've been eating, the sleep is always the best all year.

1. Alums coming to visit. Alumni visiting the University of Richmond definitely get the best perspective of our school possible when they visit during Pig Roast. Students are so welcoming and friendly to visitors -- age barriers melt away -- and I wouldn't blame them for wanting to come back to college for a lil' porkin'.

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