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Saturday, July 02, 2022

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Pamela Duran, '09

Coaches looking abroad to recruit athletes

By Stephen Utz Collegian Reporter The University of Richmond is well known for its successful international program, but its international athletes are bringing success to its sports programs. A majority of varsity sports teams have at least one international athlete competing for them.


Several funding requests made at WCGA meeting

The Westhampton College Government Association met at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the North Court Reception Room. An Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority member proposed a funding need for the sorority's annual breast cancer walk.


Common Ground will offer grants to promote campus initiatives

The university's Office of Common Ground is looking to promote a more diverse and inclusive campus this year by offering grants of up to $2,000 for any student, staff or faculty member with a project idea. The grant program offers funding ranging from $50 to $2,000 for any activity, event or research proposal that will help foster a discussion about diversity issues on campus. "We ask that people demonstrate to us how the grant might help to make our community more diverse or inclusive," said Lisa Miles, Common Ground coordinator.


Sheryl Crow rocks the vote

The performers at the "Get Out and Vote" concert at the Richmond Coliseum on Tuesday night expressed a desire for change and peace in America after the coming election. Between songs, The Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones and Santogold all encouraged the people in the audience to take advantage of their right to vote on Election Day. "I believe that we have the opportunity to change the course of our nation," Crow said. The tour, which played in cities in swing states, was sponsored by Rock the Vote, a non-partisan organization aimed at encouraging youths involvement in politics. Santogold, who amplified her electronic sound with metallic-clad back-up dancers, opened the show with her new-age techno hits, such as "The Creator" and "Shuv It." She said the lyrics of "Shuv It" were especially poignant because they were about speaking up and causing change. "We got some serious fixing up to do," Santogold said.


Music for social change

By Amanda Cannada Westhampton College '10 Last Monday night, I had the pleasure of going to what ended up being a two-and-a-half-hour information session on careers in the music business.


Rebuilding our campus

By Jill Eisenberg Westhampton College '09 Our university's administration has acted swiftly and proactively to condemn the horrifying sexism and racism in the Kappa Sig e-mail, but administrators can lecture us until they are blue in the face.


New committee to address environment

By Paige Zorniger Collegian Staff In light of University of Richmond President Ayers' "Climate Commitment," dedicated to making campus more environmentally sustainable and friendly, the Richmond College Student Government Association is working to create a sustainability sub-committee.


Free speech on campus

By Jarrett Dieterle Richmond College '10 In the wake of the derogatory e-mail by a U of R fraternity member, a thorough discourse has arisen within the hallways, classrooms and organized forums here on campus.


Milton dusk until dawn

By Emma Anderson Collegian Reporter Seven students spent their Saturday night reciting Milton's "Paradise Lost," and one student said it was unlike anything he had done before. Louis Schwartz, associate professor of English, began the reading at 7:45 p.m.


WGSS should lose the "W"

By Nathan Bullock Richmond College '10 The recent uproar and controversy over the inappropriate e-mails degrading women on campus has led to a variety of responses and suggested solutions, most of which miss the point no matter how well intended.


Magnolia's wine bistro comes to Village

Magnolia's, a new wine bar and bistro opening soon in the Village Shopping Center, will provide an atmosphere for people to learn about wine while enjoying good, simple food. The new 45-to-60-seat bistro is the sister restaurant to Village Fine Wine and Cigar.


Get over yourself

By Brennan Lincoln Richmond College '09 First, I would like to address the question of the e-mail "incident" which has struck this university with such fury.


Unigo helps students evaluate college choices

By Kate Foss Collegian Reporter The University of Richmond is one of many colleges and universities being reviewed by its students on the Web site Unigo, which launched in September, is targeted toward high school students in the process of selecting colleges.


Swiping your cash

By Matt Bodnar Richmond College '09 Do you ever end a week without using all your meal swipes?