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Saturday, July 02, 2022

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One World, One Hope

By Katie Bell American Cancer Society My name is Katie -- I am a staff person at the American Cancer Society and a University of Richmond alumna.


Letter: Homecoming Weekend

By Carla DeLuca Westhampton College '93 Vice President, Communications for the University of Richmond Alumni Association This weekend many of you will experience the phenomenon that is Homecoming for the first time: Caravans of alumni will meander down Snake Hill, many with (future Spider) offspring in tow. We will begin every conversation with, "When I was a student ..." We will deplete the bookstore's supply of sweatshirts, marvel at the new buildings and take up every parking space we can find. And that's not even the fun part. We are a lot like you, just a bit older.


Obama speaks before 13,000 at Richmond Coliseum

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama told a crowd of 13,000 people on Wednesday at the Richmond Coliseum not to be "hoodwinked" by the economic policies of John McCain, whose proposals Obama said would be a continuation of the Bush administration's. "The question isn't, 'Are you better off now than you were four years ago?'" Obama said, "the question is, 'Are you better off now than you were four weeks ago?'" Obama, who was introduced by Democratic Gov.


Mayoral debate on campus marks university's ties to City of Richmond

The city of Richmond's four mayoral candidates told a crowd in the Alice Haynes Room on Wednesday night that university students had a vital role in shaping the city's future. Robert Grey, Dwight Jones, William Pantele and Lawrence Williams participated in the debate, hosted by the University of Richmond and moderated by political science professor Dan Palazzolo, which lasted about an hour and a half. The candidates are vying to replace Mayor Doug Wilder, who announced in May that he would not seek re-election.


International friendships without leaving UR

Over 20 years ago my family moved to Africa for almost a month. While they were there (before I was born) my dad walked to the local health clinic with a guy from Australia every morning and every morning he looked my dad in the eye and exclaimed with a thick accent, "America!


Some 'Ole payback for the Grand 'Ole Party

By Dan Colosimo Richmond '11 In the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the conservative base has had the same old knee-jerk reaction as years past: outdated and just plain wrong.


Students learn to market international experience

With approximately 60 percent of University of Richmond students studying abroad each year in increasingly diverse locations, many students are looking to correlate their international education with employability. Representatives from Richmond's Office of International Education and the Career Development Center have recognized the importance of applying international experiences to employment opportunities and on Monday, Oct.


Administration officials say drinking 'not a new problem'

The number of students being rushed to the hospital for alcohol-related illnesses so far this year is not unusual, nor is it a new problem, administration officials say. "Many times, the more you have is a reflection that you've had more education," said Steve Bisese, vice president for student development.


The "Lion of Zimbabwe" comes to Modlin Center

Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited play Chimurenga music, a musical style that was born out of the struggle to gain independence faced by the people of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Mapfumo founded and popularized the musical style, which he performs with the Blacks Unlimited. Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited are coming to Camp Concert Hall in the Modlin Center at 7:30 p.m.


No, really, what's your name?

The first thing about James Madison University's kick and punt returner that caught my attention was not his game-winning touchdown, but his name. The James Madison sports editor and I were looking at each other's rosters, and I exclaimed in shock, "Wait, there's actually somebody named Scotty McGee?!" It's a name I've heard many times when someone needs a generic name, like John Doe. The James Madison sports editor said people often asked him about McGee's name, and I started to think about some of the more ridiculous names I've heard while watching sports.


Forums stir varied student reaction to explicit e-mail

A sexually explicit fraternity recruitment e-mail that leaked more than two weeks ago has sparked outrage over both the e-mail's content and a recommendation from the Richmond College Dean's Office to suspend the student who wrote it. But widespread rumors that the student has been suspended have turned out to be untrue, according to documents obtained by The Collegian and an interview with the student. The university is charging the student with violating the university's sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination policies; disorderly and obscene conduct; and inappropriate behavior or expression, according to an e-mail sent to the student from the Richmond College Dean's Office. Based on the charges, the student faced three options: resigning from the university, accepting the dean's recommended suspension until May 2009, or taking his case before the university hearing board, according to e-mails and reviews of the university's judicial policies. The student said he decided to have his case heard before the university hearing board, meaning the sanctions recommended by the dean's office are nullified.


Members hear campus improvements

By Paige Zorniger Collegian Reporter While many students were enjoying the snow cones and soft pretzels from RCSGA's pre-homecoming tailgate in the Heilman Dining Center last night, RCSGA members met to discuss several important items. First, three students from the Theatre Department's Production Studies III class stopped by to ask for financial support.

Field Hockey

Field hockey wins third-straight on Senior Day

Three games, five goals, three game-winning goals -- you could say Megan Thompson has had a pretty good week. "It brings so much satisfaction as a coach to watch one of your players be tested and come out a stronger, more vibrant and impactful person," Richmond coach Gina Lucido said.