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Saturday, May 28, 2022


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Kara Logan observes the Clothesline Project

Students spread domestic violence awareness

By Kate Foss Collegian Reporter The University of Richmond, along with other Richmond-based agencies, is hosting special events to address the impact of domestic abuse on the Commonwealth of Virginia after Gov.


Halloween Social plans under way

By Paige Zorniger Collegian Rerporter This week's RCSGA meeting convened with guest speaker Elyse Kenealy explaining an important program offered by an organization called "Camp Kesem." The children who attend the camp have parents who currently suffer or have suffered from cancer. The program is offered to the families free of charge, and Kenealy is hoping to get financial support from RCSGA to help send at least one student from the university to a learning seminar in California that will train to work at the camp. In terms of Homecoming, senate members announced that all the decorations for Homecoming week had been ordered, including banners to hang in the Tyler Haynes Commons as well as prizes that will be given out during the week.


Looking for my dream job

Last weekend I was watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" while I was working out, and Julia Roberts' character said that Dermot Mulroney's character, a sports reporter, didn't have a job for a grown man. It's a sentiment I've heard before because my grandfather cut his career at The Baltimore Sun short to get a "real job" that would allow him to support his family.


After 19 years, the Crowes are still rockin'

No member of The Black Crowes shaved before the band's show in downtown Richmond on Tuesday at the National. The southern rock band, spearheaded by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson from Marietta, Ga., appeared before a full crowd looking like refugees from the early '90s, the era of Seattle grunge-rock.


Not "all women" are offended, just feminists

By Becky Kauffman Westhampton '09 In the words of Joe Biden, I don't even know where to start. The fact that almost every country in the world, including America, is a patriarchy is not "subjective." There isn't a single documented matriarchy in history and there are only a handful of argued egalitarian societies ... and the U.S.


Members hear calls for funding

By Mary Morgan Collegian Reporter This week's Westhampton College Government Association meeting featured Provost Steve Allred, Chief academic officer at the university, who discussed his work on the Strategic Plan.


A Day in the Life of: A Post Office Employee

The campus post office was bustling on Monday, with students buying 42 cent stamps to submit their voter registrations before the deadline. "At first I couldn't figure out why it was so busy," post office employee Michael Hootman said, "but then I realized the date.


Have You Heard?

Junior Matt Trent is a pitcher for Richmond's baseball team and listens to music that puts him in game mode. Whether he is working out or listening for leisure, Trent typically plays rap, R&B, hip-hop and country, but said his music collection was really a mix of everything.


Richmond wins grant for data visualization

By Michael Gaynor Collegian Reporter The National Endowment for the Humanities has just awarded Andrew Torget, director of the university's Digital Scholarship Lab, a $19,942 grant for research and an academic conference on data visualization in the humanities. The one-year-old Digital Scholarship Lab uses data visualization to find new perspectives on massive quantities of information that would otherwise be impossible to untangle.


Obama 2, McCain 0

This update includes the USA Today-Gallup poll results. Last night's town hall-style debate was yet another win for the Senator from Illinois, viewers across the country say. According to a post-debate survey, 54% of viewers said Obama showed a better performance, compared to 30% who said that about McCain (CNN/Opinion Research Corp). This despite the fact that McCain has been stronger (in the primary season, he was) in such a setting.


Republicans Round-Up On and Off Campus

By Jenn Hoffman Collegian Reporter Kids rode ponies, parents met political candidates and families mingled over boxed barbeque at the fourth annual Republican Round-Up at Innsbrook Pavilion in Glen Allen, Va., on Sept.