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Saturday, May 28, 2022


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Tornado warning system malfunctions

The University of Richmond's tornado warning siren malfunctioned Monday, prompting a campus-wide e-mail and phone alert. The tornado warning system is tested on the first Monday of every month at 1:25 p.m.


Women's soccer team captures season's ninth win against U.Mass

Freshman forward Kat Russell's second goal of the season led the University of Richmond women's soccer team to its ninth win of the season, 1-0 over the University of Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon at First Market Stadium. Russell's goal came in the 65th minute when Massachusetts was unable to clear the ball after a Richmond corner kick.


Police Report: 10/2/08

Larceny Sept. 20, 9 a.m. A blue 21-speed Raleigh mountain bike valued at $200 was stolen from the 2000 block of the University Forest Apartments.


'You will live with uncertainty and doubt,' guest writer says

By Taylor Engelson Collegian Reporter Writing doesn't become easier or less nerve-wracking said Peter Carey, a two-time Booker Prize winner who came to Richmond yesterday as part of the 2008-09 Writer Series. "You live with uncertainty and doubt, and you should," he said.


9 Days of Adrenaline

MELBOURNE, Australia -- With the $2.00 of remaining balance I have on my Global Gossip internet card, all I can say is that my Extreme Adventure spring break has been just that, extreme.


WDCE reinventing itself

By Michael Gaynor Collegian Reporter If you've been tuning in to the campus radio station recently, you're most likely getting a speaker full of static instead of the usual indie-rock riffs and underground hip-hop rhythms. That's because after 30 years of broadcasting from the third floor of the Tyler Haynes Commons, WDCE 90.1 FM is moving to a new location pocketed in the North Court basement. The move is the result of continued renovation to the Commons.


Try looking for Ms. Right

By Vickey Allen Westhampton College '09 A few Sundays ago I sat in the chapel, wearing my graduation gown, surrounded by my fellow Westhampton seniors and the first-years and transfers, listening to speakers for Proclamation night.


Sponges and evolution

By Elizabeth Hyman Collegian Staff Although they may seem like simple underwater creatures, sponges could hold answers to many questions about evolution that University of Richmond biology professors Malcolm and April Hill are researching with a recently awarded grant from the National Science Foundation. "Assembling the Tree of Life: The Porifera Tree of Life Project" will be an investigation into the evolutionary relationships among sponges.


Lakeview provides new learning environment

The benefits and distinctiveness of the new Living and Learning programs are coming into view after five weeks of school have put them to the test in and out of the classroom. "The strength of Living and Learning is that it just brings people that are different together that would normally be fragmented," said sophomore Dan Colosimo, a member of the Civic Engagement House. There are five year-long Living and Learning programs that comprise 16 students each, including a resident adviser -- Civic Engagement House, Spanish in the Community, Political Campaign House, Earth Lodge, and Life, Literature and Art. Each program includes a class related to the house theme as well as academic and social activities.


Club crew team competing in first regatta this weekend

Of the 28 active rowers on this fall's varsity and novice crew teams, 21 are freshmen, but new coaches and a motivated executive board have everyone ready for the fall season. "Everything has been revamped this year," sophomore Publicity Chairwoman Lindsay Deacon said.


Most students favor Obama, new Collegian survey shows

Nearly 52 percent of University of Richmond undergraduate students favor Barack Obama over John McCain for president, while the number of students who identify as Democrats, Republicans and Independents is virtually the same, according to a survey conducted last week by The Collegian. Obama carried a 20 percent advantage over McCain in the survey, results that are comparable to the 20 percent advantage Obama has among 18- to 25-year-olds in Virginia. Obama and McCain are tied in state polls, just one month outside of the election, but the latest survey from The Associated Press, released yesterday, showed Obama had surged 7 percentage points ahead of McCain nationally.