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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Sponges and evolution

By Elizabeth Hyman Collegian Staff Although they may seem like simple underwater creatures, sponges could hold answers to many questions about evolution that University of Richmond biology professors Malcolm and April Hill are researching with a recently awarded grant from the National Science Foundation. "Assembling the Tree of Life: The Porifera Tree of Life Project" will be an investigation into the evolutionary relationships among sponges.


Lakeview provides new learning environment

The benefits and distinctiveness of the new Living and Learning programs are coming into view after five weeks of school have put them to the test in and out of the classroom. "The strength of Living and Learning is that it just brings people that are different together that would normally be fragmented," said sophomore Dan Colosimo, a member of the Civic Engagement House. There are five year-long Living and Learning programs that comprise 16 students each, including a resident adviser -- Civic Engagement House, Spanish in the Community, Political Campaign House, Earth Lodge, and Life, Literature and Art. Each program includes a class related to the house theme as well as academic and social activities.


Club crew team competing in first regatta this weekend

Of the 28 active rowers on this fall's varsity and novice crew teams, 21 are freshmen, but new coaches and a motivated executive board have everyone ready for the fall season. "Everything has been revamped this year," sophomore Publicity Chairwoman Lindsay Deacon said.


Most students favor Obama, new Collegian survey shows

Nearly 52 percent of University of Richmond undergraduate students favor Barack Obama over John McCain for president, while the number of students who identify as Democrats, Republicans and Independents is virtually the same, according to a survey conducted last week by The Collegian. Obama carried a 20 percent advantage over McCain in the survey, results that are comparable to the 20 percent advantage Obama has among 18- to 25-year-olds in Virginia. Obama and McCain are tied in state polls, just one month outside of the election, but the latest survey from The Associated Press, released yesterday, showed Obama had surged 7 percentage points ahead of McCain nationally.


Question of the Week: Who is your favorite person on the Richmond Campus and why?

"Pradeep, because he is always raging in 504." -- Sophie McMaster, senior "Mary Middleton, because of her oral life lessons." -- Mike Collins, sophomore "Miss Ethel, because she makes eating at D-Hall seem a lot better than it actually is." -- Katie Sunderman, junior "Tom Arnold." -- Ricky Rudolph, senior "Ashley Cyburt, because she supports me." --Alaina Melichar, senior "The guy who delivers the mail and says 'Have a blessed day.'" --Julian Kurland, senior


Student sells Caring Chains to help Cambodian children

By Kate Foss Collegian Reporter University of Richmond senior Laura Musser worked to create programs for English-as-a-second-language for school children while interning in Cambodia for seven weeks this summer. She was an intern for Caring for Cambodia, an organization that raises money for education programs there.


Business students analyze market

A University of Richmond marketing class is getting hands-on experience while it develops several potential marketing schemes for a Merle Norman makeup studio that's expected to open in The Shops at Willow Lawn on Oct.


Religion in England

It is interesting to me that the University of Richmond's Study Abroad Office discourages students from choosing traditional places -- such as England, Spain, France and Italy -- to study abroad.


Two women's lacrosse players vying for World Cup

The University of Richmond women's lacrosse team has high expectations of capturing another Atlantic 10 championship this season, but two players have even loftier goals. In August, senior attacker and midfielder Mandy Friend and freshman attacker and midfielder Caitlin Fifield tried out in Boston for the Canadian Women's World Cup lacrosse team and have made it to the final 24 players.


A Day in the Life: A Campus Activities Desk Worker

If the University of Richmond had a Gossip Girl, it would probably be Charlie Kline. Not only does he know what movie is playing at The Pier, who is looking for a babysitter and where apartments are for rent, he also may know what you did last weekend, where you bought your shirt and why you broke up. Tucked behind the blue counter of the Campus Activities Desk, located at the valve of our campus' aortic Commons, Charlie is unintentionally the C of many A and B conversations. "I hear some random, random bits of conversation," he said.


Time for October baseball

The major league baseball playoffs started last night, and as good as this year's postseason teams are, there are a number of other talented teams whose playoff dreams ended because of the way playoff teams are determined. If you follow one of the teams that knew in August that it would be statistically impossible for it to still be playing in October, you may have lost interest in watching baseball during the last few weeks. It's especially difficult to maintain an interest in a losing team when you're relying on the University of Richmond cable channels, away from the regional networks that broadcast your team when you're at home. But don't worry, my friends, because as of last night, all remaining major league baseball games will be televised on campus channels for your viewing pleasure.


RCSGA: Tyler Haynes renovations in the works

The Richmond College Student Government Association meeting opened with a presentation from architect Andrew McBride about the ongoing renovations to the Tyler Haynes Commons. Plans were shown to both RCSGA and Westhampton College Government Association members to solicit feedback from student government representatives. Interior designer Helen Reed debuted her initial plans for the renovation of the first floor and received strong opinions from senate members regarding color scheme choices.