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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Group proposes free education for students whose families make less than $75K

By Robin Hawbaker Collegian Reporter Members of the access and affordability Strategic Plan group examined ways to help low-income and international students at the University of Richmond including offering full tuition, room and board for all undergraduate students with a family income of $75,000 or less. It was the most ambitious idea discussed Monday night in the Gottwald Auditorium during a forum co-led by James Monks, an E.


Library intruder found not guilty on drug charges

Seth Newman, the man police say triggered the May 6 campus lockdown, has been found not guilty of a class one misdemeanor charge of possessing marijuana, and a class one misdemeanor charge of possessing an undefined schedule-three drug. A judge decided Sept.

Tremayne Graham (23) tackles Tulsa's running back (center). UR's David Horton (right).

Richmond beats Towson for first time in three years

Last year, quarterback Sean Schaefer threw the game-winning touchdown after a 67-yard, four-play drive, taking just 22 seconds to help Towson University beat Richmond for the second straight year. This year, it was the Richmond defense's turn to score fourth-quarter touchdowns.


Celebrities encourage voter registration at Richmond, campaign for Obama downtown

Growing up as the child of immigrants, former "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" actress Tatyana Ali learned nightly at the dinner table that America was the land of opportunity. But for the past eight years, she's felt that opportunity slip away, telling a crowd Thursday evening in downtown Richmond that's the reason she will be voting for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Earlier Thursday, Ali -- along with celebrities Marlon Wayans and Jurnee Smollett -- spoke to a University of Richmond Justice and Civil Society class taught by professor Karen Zivi to stress the importance of citizenship and voting.


Living from swipe to swipe

By Nathan Bullock Richmond College '10 After returning to campus this fall from a semester abroad, I noticed there have been several changes - most for the better.


Georgians offer perspective on country's turmoil

Giorgi Zurabishvili is a freshman at the University of Richmond who is studying business, plays on the soccer team and actually enjoys the dining hall. But as quiet and normal as life seems here at school, at home it's quite different: Zurabishvili came to Richmond from Georgia. This summer, Zurabishvili, 18, was in Georgia when war with Russia broke out in August.


Opening day tuition giveaway

Free tuition anyone ... anyone? The Richmond Rowdies will be giving away one semester of free tuition as part of a pep rally during the opening day of basketball season in November. Matthew Dreyfuss said at the Richmond College Student Government Association meeting that during opening day there would be a rally featuring a slam-dunk contest, a lay-up contest and a raffle that will give students a chance to win a complimentary semester at Richmond if they make a half-court shot.


Westhampton events in the works

During this week's Westhampton College Student Government meeting, held in the North Court Reception Room, senators encouraged freshmen to run for WCGA senate positions or for class of 2012 president.


Housing still hand-matching roommates

I like to take naps: a. daily b. sometimes c. never Choose wisely, because your answer could be used to select the person you will be living with during the next eight months. This is just one of the questions considered in the University of Richmond's roommate selection process, for which Richmond has been recognized in this week's issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.