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Monday, May 23, 2022


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Brief: Former president elected to honored position

Richard L. Morrill, chancellor and former president of the University of Richmond, was elected chairman of the board of directors of The Teagle Foundation, according to a press release on Friday. The Teagle Foundation "is dedicated to providing intellectual leadership and financial support to strengthen educational opportunity and undergraduate learning in the liberal arts and sciences," according to the press release.

Brian Grimes (top) of Richmond applies a hold on Jarrod Bryant (bottom) also of Richmond. Grimes went on to win the match.

Popularity of ultimate fighting spreads to Richmond

In recent years, mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting have gained popularity across the country. Television shows including "The Ultimate Fighter" and films such as "Kill Bill" have brought attention to martial arts. There is a martial arts club on campus, but it's nothing like the cage fighting seen on TV. In MMA ? rapidly growing nationwide ? fighters are separated into weight classes, as boxers or wrestlers would be.


Police Report: 9/11/08

Liqour Law Violation Aug. 25, 11:43 p.m. A Richmond College student was referred to the dean after being taken from the 1500 block of the University Forest Apartments to St.


Fan-tastic home game tips

During the past month, attendance at University of Virginia home games has come with an increasing set of restrictions. First came the e-mail that fans would no longer be allowed to bring signs to games.


Of pigs and lipstick: a new low in the Presidential politics

John McCain's campaign released a new web ad accusing Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Obama, of referring to the Republican VP Nominee, Sarah Palin, when he said: "You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig." What is interesting (and hypocritical?) about this is the fact that John McCain himself used those same exact words -- yes, the very same John McCain who falsely attacked Senator Obama with the "Lipstick" advertisement -- on more than one occasion to refer, among other things, to Sen.

From L to R: Scott Loesser, '09; Asst. coach Stephen Davis; Daniel Larkin, '11; Jake Russell, '11; John Towney, '12

Injuries force changes to men's soccer lineup

The University of Richmond men's soccer team has entered its season with a revamped lineup after preseason injuries forced the team to start a freshman goalkeeper and replace its defensive line. Grant Schonberg started during the season opener against Lehigh University after the original starting goalie, Brock Tomlinson, a transfer from Southern Methodist University, suffered a head injury, assistant coach Matt O'Toole said. The line-up changes meant players were in unfamiliar roles, and a lack of communication among them contributed to a 6-1 loss against Leigh, O'Toole said. "We're definitely a quiet team," Schonberg said.


Former assistant basketball coach working for D-I school in Georgia

One of the assistant basketball coaches who resigned after revelations about NCAA recruiting violations is working as an assistant coach at a Division I basketball program in Georgia. Dave Waples, the athletics director at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga., confirmed to The Collegian Wednesday night that Chris Carroll, who worked as an assistant coach with the Richmond women's team, admitted to text-messaging two recruits while at Richmond, a major violation of NCAA rules. The University of Richmond announced Monday on its athletics Web site that a school investigation had found that two former assistant coaches had knowingly sent recruits hundreds of text messages and had made more than the allowable number of phone calls to recruits.


Drill, baby. Drill.

An emerging issue in the Presidential Race is the debate about how to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and hence reduce the price of gas at the pump.


Athletics: Basketball staff recruited illegally, NCAA investigation complete

The University of Richmond and the NCAA have concluded separate investigations into hundreds of text messages that basketball coaches knowingly sent while recruiting prospective student-athletes, a violation of NCAA rules. The announcement from athletics director Jim Miller -- posted Monday on the Spiders' Web site -- included information about the university's investigation and its sanctions against coaches and the programs, as well as a timeline of the violations. "The coaches were aware of the rule," Miller said.


Spiders impressive, even in loss to U.Va.

Sure, our red zone offense came up short. OK, the fourth quarter was ugly. But I don't think I'm the only one who was proud of the Spiders Saturday afternoon in Charlottesville. The Spiders played a Cavaliers team that was expected to walk all over them.


Tropical Storm Hanna clears Richmond, no serious damage is reported

Tropical Storm Hanna moved through Richmond Saturday morning and afternoon, dropping between one and three inches of rain and bringing strong winds, but no serious damage. Hanna is now moving rapidly and is expected to clear Virginia by early Saturday evening. At the University of Richmond, members of the outdoors club jury-rigged a makeshift slip-n-slide on the Intramural Fields while half a dozen others played a game of soccer nearby. The club had planned a camping trip to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, but with Hanna threatening eastern Virginia, the group rescheduled for next weekend, said senior Brandon Cieniewicz, president of the outdoors club. A few members bought a clear tarp at a hardware store, covered it in soap, then took it to the fields -- dressed in swimsuits -- as a steady but heavy rain fell. "I was surprised it worked so well," Cieniewicz said of the slide. Minor problems with leaky ceilings were reported elsewhere on campus, but the university didn't sustain any serious damage, said Andy Gurka, area coordinator for the University Forest Apartments.