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Monday, July 04, 2022

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The U.S. goal isn't just the gold

In a few months, our nation's leaders will look for victory, no matter how slim the margin, in an intense competition that comes around only once every four years. No, not the presidential election.


Put your built-up junk to use

By The Environmental Studies Class Spring 2008 Whether you've been here at Richmond for four years or only for one, you've accumulated a lot strong writing and speaking skills, a thirst for knowledge, a passion for learning and a whole lot of crap.


The real truth about condoms

By VICKY ALLEN Westhampton College '09 Contrary to Ms. Williams' article last week, condoms are extremely effective in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.


For baseball team, there's a new coach in town

The way to coach is a little different these days, says Mark McQueen, the University of Richmond baseball team's new head coach. Coaching techniques were more forceful in the past, very negative, and were always focused on telling players what they had done wrong.


On exchange students

HONG KONG -- Looking back on my time abroad, I can't help but think of ways it could have been better, or things I wish I'd known and done earlier.


RENEWed frustration

By Darius "Rasheed" Nazeri Richmond College '10 As much as I appreciate the work that RENEW has done to raise environmental awareness around campus and make us "greener," I gotta ask: "What on earth was RENEW thinking when they chose the Tuesday before the finals to remove trays from Dhall?" With last minute exams, quizzes, papers, projects and, of course, preparations for the finals, we had enough to deal with already.


Letter: Dear student community

To the Editor: For what it is worth, I wanted to express how proud I am for the way in which you have responded to the recent incidents that have challenged our sense of community inclusiveness.


Melvin inspires youth, details Atlantis flight

Leland Melvin never really intended to become an astronaut. But 10 years after he was accepted to NASA's astronaut training program, Melvin became the first University of Richmond graduate in space in February. Melvin was on campus this weekend to present his Reach for the Stars II program, which aims to inspire young students to pursue math and science education.


Ayers examines university history, looks to future in inaugural speech

President Edward L. Ayers reflected on the University of Richmond's past and introduced the five principles of his strategic plan in his inaugural address on Friday. To a crowd of alumni, students, parents, staff and faculty, representatives of colleges, universities, seminaries, learned societies and professional organizations, Ayers said "history holds the seeds of what we can be." Ayers retold the history of Richmond and Westhampton colleges and the University of Richmond, emphasizing the importance he feels the university's history has.


Inauguration Symposium features historical highlights

Scarlett O'Hara, Winslow Homer and Jude Law all made an appearance at the inaugural symposium held in the Robins Center arena last Thursday. President Edward Ayers, Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust and University of Virginia Lincoln Scholar Gary W.


Gossip Web site sparks controversy

"Always anonymous. Always juicy," is the self-proclaimed description of the Web site, which allows students at 50 colleges and universities to post anonymous comments about other students and organizations at their schools. The Web site urges students to "give us the juice," which has often resulted in racist, sexist, homophobic and offensive posts. The University of Richmond is not currently listed as one of the supported campuses, but anyone can look at the Web site.


Waste buckets

I was just thinking about how I hate trashcans. Trashcans get filled up, and then they get emptied out, and then what was inside the trashcans gets carted off ... to where?


Race and ethnicities major proposed by university faculty

The university faculty is considering whether to develop a race and ethnicities major to increase the University of Richmond's commitment to diversity. That's according to religion professor Jane Geaney, who spoke at this week's Westhampton College Government Association Senate meeting. "We have to increase our commitment to diversity and it has to go beyond just words," Geaney said.