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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Melvin rockets into space aboard space shuttle Atlantis

At 2:45 p.m. on Feb. 7, the U.S. space shuttle Atlantis took off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., carrying 1986 University of Richmond graduate Leland Melvin. "Tears came to my eyes," said Cathy Melvin Clarke, Melvin's sister, who witnessed the launch in Florida and estimated about 40 to 50 family members attended as well.


Senate passes bills to limit smoking in public areas

In an effort to protect people from the effects of secondhand smoke, the Virginia State Senate voted yesterday on three bills to ban smoking in nearly all public places, including restaurants. The Senate voted 23-15 to ban smoking in public places, although each takes a different approach. Gov.


Students gather for Super Tuesday

The joke of Tuesday seemed to be that the organizers of the Super Tuesday Results Viewing Party, Adrienne Piazza and Andy Gurka, would be left at the end of the night with 30 pizzas and no students.


Traveling scholar brings stories of India to sociology courses

This semester, Meenakshi Thapan, a sociology professor at the Delhi School of Economics, is teaching two sociology classes at the University of Richmond: Women in Indian Society; and Gender, Migration and Identity. Uliana Gabara, dean of International Education, met Thapan in India and invited her to teach at Richmond about a year ago. "It's through personal and professional connections that they get invited to be a scholar here," said Krittika Onsanit, director of International Student, Scholar and Internship Services. Thapan said she hadn't heard of Richmond before, so she looked it up on the Internet.


Student interns observe political processes during eight weeks at General Assembly

Each week, 18 University of Richmond students wake up, put on black suit coats and close-toed shoes, sit in rush hour traffic and push through the revolving doors of the General Assembly Building. Instead of money, these juniors and seniors are earning six credits for the 20 hours per week that they spend working for the Virginia General Assembly through the university's oldest internship program, Political Science 395: State Legislative Internship. The course, which has been offered since the 1970s, is divided into two sections.


VCU to hold Richmond's first environmental film festival

The Virginia Commonwealth University Ecodefense is organizing The BIGGEST Picture, Richmond's first environmental film festival. Local environmentalist and VCU student John Wade coordinated The BIGGEST Picture. "I decided Richmond was ready for an environmental film festival, which would give Richmond an opportunity to talk about environmentalism and priorities and emphasis within environmentalism," Wade said in an e-mail interview. The film festival will take place on Feb.


Presidential campaigns eye Va. primary

Presidential candidates are now turning their attention toward the Feb. 12 Potomac Primary in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., where voters now find themselves in an influential position for this year's presidential race. Super Tuesday election returns from 24 states two days ago have left Sen.


At open forum, Ayers and students discuss how to define Richmond

During a question-and-answer session on Monday, President Edward Ayers said the one word that comes up repeatedly when he talks to alumni is "community." "What I dream of is a class for undergraduates taught by a law professor that introduces them to the law," said Ayers, who noted that one of his goals for the University of Richmond was to unite the T.C.


Ayers honors students who used CPR to save woman last semester

A ceremony was held at the University of Richmond's Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness last night to honor the people who worked together to save a local woman's life when she collapsed during a Pilates class last semester. Susan Gilmore greeted and hugged each of the 21 people who played a role in her rescue on Sept.


New football coach calls Richmond 'perfect fit'

University of Richmond athletic director Jim Miller introduced Mike London on Saturday as the university's 33rd head football coach, an announcement that came eight days after former head coach Dave Clawson resigned to take over as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Tennessee. London, who graduated from Richmond in 1983, spent the past four seasons as the University of Virginia's defensive coordinator, following a year as the defensive line coach for the Houston Texans of the NFL. "Whatever barriers existed before to me becoming a head coach -- whether it's experience in the NFL, experience at a bigger school -- those have all been checked off the list," London said.


Students change the world with $10,000 each

Two University of Richmond students received $10,000 each from Davis Projects for Peace and launched peace efforts in their home countries of Tanzania and Ethiopia this past summer. The initiative, with an objective to encourage students to design and implement plans to build peace around the world, was established last year.


Emotions run high during solemn holiday service

Absent were the celebratory Christmas carols, the brightly ringing bells, the jubilant and joyous greetings of a traditional Christmas service in Cannon Memorial Chapel. Absent were the cries of joy and happiness, replaced, instead, with cries from quiet sobs in an atmosphere of solemn reflection. And absent was the customary candle lighting for a somber rendition of "Silent Night." Instead, a procession of people stepped up, one-by-one, to light candles and say the name of loved ones whom they had lost. For those who attended Tuesday's nondenominational Blue Christmas Service at noon at the chapel, the holidays have been a struggle to find happiness while the rest of the world seems filled with joy. "This service is for you," Kate O'Dwyer Randall, the university's acting Chaplain, told the congregation of about 35 students and community members at the beginning of the service.