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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Envisioning my return

This Homecoming Weekend promises to be as strange as it will be memorable, because those who were my peers just a few months ago will be returning to campus as members of that distant and ever-growing faction that is "alumni." And sadly, if all goes according to plan, I will reluctantly be initiated into that same group about six months from now.


How far have we really come?

Dear Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students: I am writing this letter to address some concerns about an incident which occurred this past weekend, which I feel that we, as members of the University of Richmond community, need to address as a collective.


The color of money

MADRID ? After being here for about 2 1/2 months, there are very few things that still trigger that little feeling of homesickness from time to time.


Jazz pioneer Pat Metheny to play at Modlin Center

On Nov. 9, sounds of contemporary jazz music will be captured within the walls of Camp Concert Hall as Pat Metheny combines his cutting edge style on the guitar with Christian McBride on bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a guy who plays at gargantuan venues and huge universities with over 3,000 seats in an up close and personal setting," said Kathy Panoff, executive director of the Modlin Center for the Arts.


Woody Holton honored as finalist for National Book Award

University of Richmond history professor Woody Holton is a finalist for the Nonfiction National Book Award. Holton, who has been a professor at the Richmond since August 2000, spent 12 years writing the book, titled "Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution," but he never imagined it would gain such recognition. According to the National Book Foundation that sponsors this award, it is one given "to writers, from writers." Publishing companies nominate books for the award for one of five categories, which are then voted on by a panel of five judges who have also published works in that category.


Off-campus party ends with 35 cited for drinking

During the early hours of Oct. 21, Henrico Police cited 35 people for unlawful purchase or possession of alcohol at an off-campus party on Center Ridge Drive, where four Richmond College students live. According to police reports, Henrico police officers arrived at the house just before midnight on Oct.


Postseason possibilities abound for women's basketball team

The Atlantic 10 preseason rankings might have predicted the women's basketball team to finish fifth in the conference, but they shouldn't have done that with any security. This year's team has a lot of variables, including players battling injuries and the fact that it depends on underclassmen for significant scoring. Nevertheless, head coach Michael Shafer said it was the most talented team he had coached during his four-year tenure at Richmond. "If everyone stays healthy and everything stays status quo, we should not be playing on the first day of the A-10 tournament this year," he said.


The real issue with blackface

Blackface. It's the "issue du jour" and it's on everyone's minds. Was it wrong for that student to choose a costume from a performance style steeped in racism?


Three Richmond professors prepare for Ironman Florida Triathlon

Three University of Richmond professors will breach their mental and physical limits when they compete in the Ford Ironman Florida Triathlon in Panama City Beach on Saturday. Susan Leahy, 40, the director of reading; Carmen Hamlin, 30, a 1997 Richmond alumna and adjunct English instructor; and Melissa Pine, 30, a visiting history lecturer, have been training for the past year to swim 2.4 miles in the Gulf of Mexico, bike 112 miles and run a marathon within 17 hours during one day. "I'm not nervous yet," Leahy said.


After blackface, hoping for change

I am hopeful. A few weeks ago I read an article in The Collegian that someone wrote about the magic of 'Crankin dat' soulja boy,' a song played at an apartment party that managed to bring people of all races together for four minutes of laughing, dancing and "Superman-ing." I was there for that party, and to find that other people had noticed that moment of brief but fantastic unity truly made me feel as though we were making progress for the race relations of this campus. I am hopeful. Last week I went to a SALSA event in the Alice Haynes Room, thinking it would probably solely consist of students of Spanish or Latino descent.


Change behavior now or pay later

In 2005, if someone had asked me to pick a theme for the year, my one word response would have been water. Not to belittle other tragic events in 2005, but it was a marked year from the start.


Panel held on campus to discuss race and gender issues

The relationship between race and gender issues and the news media was discussed Monday night in a panel discussion, "Media Messages, Missteps and Inside Stories from Newsrooms and Campaigns." Media coverage of Hillary Clinton's cleavage, Hurricane Katrina and domestic violence were among the topics discussed by the panel of three top journalists. Keith Woods, dean of faculty at the Poynter Institute, Lisa Green, senior producer of NBC's "Weekend Today," and Glenn Proctor, vice president and executive editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch spoke to students, senior citizens and local high school students.


What about the others?

Before I go any further let me say I was not on campus this weekend to experience the University of Richmond Halloween or see any of the creative costumes put together by our "intellectual risk takers." Nonetheless, I would place a bet on there being a "risk taker," somewhere on this campus, that did dress up like a Mexican gangster, American Indian or terrorist (intended to be of Muslim descent). I've seen these impersonators dress up in sombreros, head dresses and black and white scarves before, so I know I am not making this up.