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Monday, November 29, 2021


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'We are capable of more': RCSGA presidential candidate's message

It is an incredibly exciting time at the University of Richmond. I hold this sentiment to the same extent today as when I decided to apply here as an early decision applicant and as when I first arrived here as a freshman in August of 2011. Richmond continues to be an exciting place and I find new reasons every day.


Columnist reviews King of Hearts a capella concert

The King of Hearts concert, which took place Feb. 22 in Camp Concert Hall, was a brilliant performance form the a cappella groups from Cristopher Newport University (Expansion), George Washington University (Troubadors) and University of Richmond (Choeur du Roi). Up first was Expansion from Christopher Newport.


Alumnus wants Paul Queally to apologize for his remarks

If you are a current University of Richmond student, a member of its campus community or merely an interested alum, it is highly likely that you are familiar with the name Paul Queally. On a campus where the right name can carry a lot of weight, Mr. Queally's has made as great of a recent impression as any.


Pluses and perils of a student on Board of Trustees

It's been an open secret around the University of Richmond campus that there is a push to put a student on the board of trustees. In the wake of the sports cuts and Ring Dance change controversies these past two years, there seems no better time than now to push for greater student representation in the secretive machinations of university government.