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Virginia's increased driving fees draw sharp criticism

(09/06/07 1:00am)

Widespread opposition from Virginia drivers over the state's recently imposed abusive driver fees, which range from $750 for driving on a suspended license to $3,000 for motor vehicle-related felonies, may soon apply to out-of-state drivers as well, lawmakers say. The new regulations, which Virginia lawmakers designed to raise $65 million for much-needed transportation projects, took effect July 1 and is at the nexus of a conflict that has resulted in differing court opinions and a patchwork of laws throughout Virginia. All 140 seats in the Virginia General Assembly are up for election this November, which has led many state lawmakers, sensing the unpopularity of the fees, to distance themselves from Gov.

After blackface, hoping for change

(11/01/07 12:00am)

I am hopeful. A few weeks ago I read an article in The Collegian that someone wrote about the magic of 'Crankin dat' soulja boy,' a song played at an apartment party that managed to bring people of all races together for four minutes of laughing, dancing and "Superman-ing." I was there for that party, and to find that other people had noticed that moment of brief but fantastic unity truly made me feel as though we were making progress for the race relations of this campus. I am hopeful. Last week I went to a SALSA event in the Alice Haynes Room, thinking it would probably solely consist of students of Spanish or Latino descent.

What about the others?

(11/01/07 12:00am)

Before I go any further let me say I was not on campus this weekend to experience the University of Richmond Halloween or see any of the creative costumes put together by our "intellectual risk takers." Nonetheless, I would place a bet on there being a "risk taker," somewhere on this campus, that did dress up like a Mexican gangster, American Indian or terrorist (intended to be of Muslim descent). I've seen these impersonators dress up in sombreros, head dresses and black and white scarves before, so I know I am not making this up.

Envisioning my return

(11/01/07 12:00am)

This Homecoming Weekend promises to be as strange as it will be memorable, because those who were my peers just a few months ago will be returning to campus as members of that distant and ever-growing faction that is "alumni." And sadly, if all goes according to plan, I will reluctantly be initiated into that same group about six months from now.