OPINION: The power of multi-faith spaces

During a pilgrimage to Poland, our group came together in improbable solidarity to learn and become more familiar neighbors with one another. 

OPINION: On the murder of journalists

As a journalist, I am willing to put my life on the line to get the truth out there. However, I shouldn’t need to.

OPINION: The power of storytelling

In Sylvia Gale’s FYS "Storytelling and Social Change," I came to see myself in someone who society had taught me was radically different. 

OPINION: The philanthropy of time

By discussing what it means to donate, we come to value student activists as much as wealthy donors.

OPINION: A "cents-ible" look at SOBAC

After this year’s 45-hour-long SOBAC weekend, it became abundantly clear that student organizations need more funding.