The Collegian
Thursday, February 29, 2024



The Collegian is an independent, student-run news organization that reports the truth accurately, inclusively and in the spirit of free inquiry to inform the University of Richmond community and cultivate civic engagement.


The Collegian, the independent student-run newspaper of the University of Richmond, was established in 1902 and has been published continuously since 1914. The Collegian has been an online-only news source since 2013. The Collegian welcomes any full- or part-time UR students to submit content and join our staff.

“So let The Collegian be to us, the living, breathing, fighting expression of student ideas—their hopes and ambitions, their virile and staunch college-love. We are not confident, we can hardly hope, that this year, or the next, or the next, we may be able to compare with the publications of our contemporaries. But we do hope—we intend to give our best. And, at least, after long dormant years, we have awakened and have started something," wrote J.A. Carter, The Richmond Collegian's original editor-in-chief, on Nov. 25, 1914.