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Saturday, June 03, 2023



Behind the Scenes of Bollywood on the Block 2023

The Collegian's staff members Gareth Woo and Helen Mei went behind the scenes to witness what Block Crew and Bollywood Jhatkas have been developing for their upcoming collaborative showcase Bollywood on The Block on March 25 at Camp Concert Hall. Check out the full video here and on The Collegian's YouTube channel. 


Unleashed: A look at Dogpark the band

The Parsons Music Library is usually quiet on a Wednesday evening, filled with students getting work done for their Thursday classes or taking a solitary moment to practice their instruments. But in the music studio on the first floor of Parsons, the sound of music bounces off the walls as the boys of Dogpark, a band made up of five University of Richmond students, practice for their next show. Despite the small space they practice in, the band makes the room feel like a stadium show as they play “Hard to Handle” by The Black Crowes.


Mike Spear

After 34 years teaching journalism at the University of Richmond, Professor Mike Spear is retiring. Video by Caroline Queally and Claire Comey.


Turtles in Time: From Fossils to the Present

This exhibition, which opened in the Lora Robins Gallery Feb. 1, shows a large span of turtle evolutionary progression with the oldest fossil in the collection being 150 million years old.


How to tie a Toga

Richmond seniors will kick off the year with the annual senior toga party Thursday. But how does one make a toga? Jack Nicholson offers a step-by-step guide.


Sexual Misconduct Survey Results Published

Sexual Misconduct policy, a topical subject across college campuses, has been talked about more than usual at University of Richmond this week. On March 24, 2015, The Collegian published the results to its Campus Attitudes on Sexual Misconduct survey. University administrators hosted a previously scheduled town hall forum on the sexual misconduct policy the following night. The Collegian documented the busy week.