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Opinions and Letters to the Editor

The Collegian regularly publishes opinion pieces from members of the University of Richmond community. Submissions reflect only the opinions of their authors and do not represent those of The Collegian or its staff. All submissions to the opinion section should be kept to 750 words or fewer and be sent to opinions editor Conner Evans at Please include a one or two-sentence submission statement in your email about who you are and what prompted you to submit your piece.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when composing an opinion piece:

  1. Submissions may cover any number of topics at the campus, local, national or international levels. The Collegian looks for well-researched, well-written and thoughtful commentary on current issues. 
  2. The Collegian reserves the right to edit for length, clarity and propriety of content. Received submissions are subject to review for factual accuracy. 
  3. Submissions must come from members of the University of Richmond community. This includes (but is not limited to) students, faculty, staff and alumni. 
  4. Anonymous submissions and articles submitted under a pseudonym will be considered on a case-to-case basis. 
  5. Submissions must be exclusive to The Collegian. 
  6. Writers must cite evidence using hyperlinks when making factual claims or quoting from another source. 
  7. If an opinion submission is selected for publication, The Collegian will send an edited copy to the submission’s author for his or her review before publishing. 


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