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Jackie Llanos Headshot.jpg

Jackie Llanos '23 

Jackie is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in anthropology. Jackie grew up in Bogota, Colombia, before moving to Virginia. She also works as an intern for The Virginia Mercury, where she writes about politics and policy. When she’s not writing or editing articles, Jackie plays ultimate frisbee with the Richmond Red Hots and binge-watches Marvel movies.

Managing Co-Editors 

Westen Doran Headshot.jpg

Westen Doran '23 

Westen is a junior double majoring in journalism and leadership studies. She grew up outside of Chicago before moving to Virginia for school. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, baking and listening to music. 

Ryan Hudgins Picture

Ryan Hudgins '23

Ryan is a junior who grew up outside of Chicago. She is currently pursuing a double major in journalism and leadership studies stemming from her lifelong passion for writing. Ryan also works as a writing consultant, is a peer mentor for Peer Mentors and Advisors and a tutor for the Richmond Public School System. In her free time, she plays for the women’s club soccer team. 

Copy Chief

Madyson Fitzgerald Headshot.jpg

Madyson Fitzgerald '23

Madyson is a junior majoring in journalism and leadership studies at the University of Richmond. After joining her high school's yearbook staff in the 11th grade, Madyson fell in love with both writing and photography. As a Virginia native, she has worked for numerous local outlets, including Urban Views RVA, The Henrico Citizen and, her favorite, The Collegian. After starting as a photographer her sophomore year, Madyson became Copy Chief her junior year because of her secret passion for copy editing. On campus, she works as a communications assistant for the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement. When she's not writing a story or taking photos of Triceragoose, Madyson enjoys playing rugby with UR's Black Widows and volunteers with Alpha Phi Omega 

Business Manager

Corral, Lady Greer.jpg

Lady Corral '23 

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Lady is a junior majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Business Analytics. She loves to travel and explore new places, especially if that includes trying new ice cream shops. In her free time, Lady enjoys going rock climbing, hiking and going on walks. 

News Editor

Natasha Sokoloff Headshot.jpg

Natasha Sokoloff '23 

Natasha is a junior from Huntington Beach, California, double majoring in Journalism and Leadership Studies. At UR, Natasha is a member of the Honor Council, Kappa Delta Sorority, and has been a writer for the News and City & State sections of The Collegian. Her love of storytelling and passion for people has inspired her to pursue journalism. 

Features Editor

Kate Kimmel Headshot.jpg

Kate Kimmel '23 

Meet our features editor, Kate Kimmel! She is a junior from Wayne, Pennsylvania, double majoring in political science and journalism. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, trying new restaurants and traveling. Her favorite thing about UR is the scenery. One of her biggest career goals is to make a journalistic documentary. 

Opinions & Columns Editor

Julia Abbott Headshot.jpg

Julia Abbott '24 

Julia is a sophomore double majoring in English and Spanish. She is from New Jersey and came to Virginia to get slightly warmer weather. Julia spends a lot of her free time reading and listening to music. When she is home, she is almost always with her dogs. 

Notes from the Margins Editor

Nicole Llacza Headshot.jpg

Nicole Llacza Morrazzani '24

Nicole is a sophomore majoring in economics and minoring in English and business administration. Nicole lived in Peru before recently moving to Maryland. In her free time, Nicole listens to true crime podcasts and reads novels. She is also part of the acappella group, Off the Cuff. 

Sports Co-Editors 

Andrew Cardounel Headshot.jpg

Andrew Cardounel '24

Andrew “Drew” is a sophomore majoring in business administration and minoring in journalism. Drew was born and raised in the Richmond area, where he spends his time exploring Carytown and the many parks in the city. In his free time, Drew enjoys going on long drives, listening to music, doing crossword puzzles and playing card games with friends and family. 


Krystian Hajduczka '23

Krystian is a junior double majoring in journalism and leadership studies. He is from Trenton, New Jersey, and is Polish-American. During the fall, he also worked as an intern for the Richmond ABC News station, WRIC. Krystian loves everything and anything having to do with sports, and his favorite professional team is the New York Giants. After college, he hopes to work as a sports journalist for a big city newspaper and potentially make his way into TV down the line.

Lifestyle Editor

Corinne Flaherty Headshot.jpg

Corinne Flaherty '23 

Corinne is a junior majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and minoring in journalism and dance. Corinne is a member of University Dancers, UR’s dance company. She has a passion for writing, creativity and sharing stories that can impact all types of readers whether it's to try a new restaurant in RVA or learn about events happening nearby. Corinne also loves to travel and try out new recipes. 

International Co-Editors 


Eileen Pomeroy '23

Eileen is a junior majoring in journalism and leadership studies and minoring in health studies. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania and spent her summers in Washington State before moving to Richmond for school. In 2021, Eileen worked as a communications intern at The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and she will be spending this spring in London studying public health and policy. Eileen spends most of her free time with friends and can often be found curled up with a good book. 

Piero Grazioso Headshot.jpg

Piero Grazioso '25

Piero is a first-year student from Guatemala. He is double majoring in Art History and Journalism with a concentration in Arts Management and a minor in Visual and Media Arts Practice. He also works with The University Museums and is a part of the UR Art Club, specifically helping with the UR Art Auction. In his free time he enjoys horseback riding, rock climbing and spending time with his new friends at UR.

Visual Editor

Ethan Swift

Ethan Swift '24 

Ethan is a sophomore majoring in computer science. He was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and lived there his whole life before moving to Richmond. His interest in photography began in middle school and developed through his work for different student media organizations. In Ethan’s free time, he enjoys hanging out and doing photo shoots with friends and family.

City & State Editor


Meredith Moran '22

Meredith is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing and rhetoric & communication studies. She grew up in Dallas, Texas. Meredith also works as an intern for Slate Magazine, where she writes about culture and technology.  

Marketing & Public Relations Director 

Alex Sprouls Headshot.jpg

Alex Sprouls '23

Alex is a junior majoring in rhetoric and communication studies and minoring in business administration. Alex grew up in Connecticut and has a passion for storytelling which has led to her interest, and now ample experience, in marketing and public relations. In her free time, Alex loves traveling to new places and exploring the local food scene in RVA.

Newsletter & Social Media Director

Anna Grace Causey Headshot.jpg

Anna Grace Causey '23

Anna Grace is a junior majoring in PPEL with a concentration in politics and minoring in Sociology. Anna Grace was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and currently works as a bartender at a local country club. In her free time, Anna Grace enjoys thrifting and cooking with her friends.  

Magazine Editor


Bella Holmgren ’22 

Bella is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology. Bella grew up in Rhode Island. She also works as an intern for Counseling and Psychological Services. Bella plays ultimate frisbee with the Richmond Red Hots. In her free time, Bella enjoys going for drives, listening to music, sailing and spending time with friends and family.