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Opinions and Letters to the Editor

Submissions to the opinion section and letters to the editor should be sent to Riley Blake at Please keep opinion submissions and letters at 750 words or fewer. Submissions are accepted and reviewed throughout the school year, but The Collegian reserves the right to edit for length, clarity, and propriety of content. Received submissions are subject to review and are published on a case-by-case basis.


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Jocelyn Grzeszczak, Editor-in-Chief

Lindsay Emery, Arrman Kyaw, Managing Editors

Katherine Schulte, News Editor

Alan Clancy, News Writer

Emma Davis, News Writer

Victoria Davis, News Writer

Olivia Diaz, News Writer

Isabella Dumitrescu, News Writer

Logan Etheredge, News Writer

Lauren Guzman, News Writer

Morgan Howland, News Writer

Eli Kline, News Writer

Nancy Lam, News Writer

Maeve McCormick, News Writer

Allison McLaughlin, News Writer

Isabel Meyer, News Writer

Heather Neiman, News Writer

Emma Phelps, News Writer

Sarah Price, News Writer

Cal Pringle, News Writer

Julia Raimondi, News Writer

Morgan Tolan, News Writer

Ben Wasserstein, News Writer

Avery Wasson, News Writer

Ellie Watson, News Writer

Haley Zhao, News Writer

Sana Azem, Features Editor

Cate Bonner, Features Writer

Kyla Coleman, Features Writer

Cassie Coughlan, Features Writer

Robbie Kent, Features Writer

Grace Kiernan, Features Writer

Maya Lieberman, Features Writer

Bingjie Liu, Features Writer

Alex Maloney, Features Writer

William Roberts, Features Writer

Riley Blake, Opinions Editor

Alec Greven, Opinions Writer

William Roberts, Opinions Writer

CJ Slavin, Sports Editor

Cassie Coughlan, Sports Writer

Noah Goldberg, Sports Writer

Noah Jacobs, Sports Writer

Jackson McAtee, Sports Writer

Grace Mittl, Sports Writer

Joshua Schneider, Sports Writer

Sydney Collins, Lifestyle Editor

Cate Bonner, Lifestyle Writer

Kaitlin Edwardson, Lifestyle Writer

Susanna Getis, Lifestyle Writer

Lauren Guzman, Lifestyle Writer

Bingjie Liu, Lifestyle Writer

Isabel Meyer, Lifestyle Writer

Emma Phelps, Lifestyle Writer

Lana Pucci, Lifestyle Writer

Dylan Ramer, Lifestyle Writer

Morgan Tolan, Lifestyle Writer

Cal Pringle, Columns Editor

Alec Greven, Columns Writer

Brendon Kim, Columns Writer

Olivia Diaz, Emma Phelps, International Editors

Savannah Wilson, Head Copy Editor 

Alexis Angelus, Copy Editor

Erika Echternach, Copy Editor

Caroline Fernandez, Copy Editor

Noah Jacobs, Copy Editor

Sarah Price, Copy Editor

Addie Jo Quinlen, Copy Editor

Kiersten Ness, Visual Editor

Jessi Alt, Photographer

Kaitlin Edwardson, Photographer

Morgan Howland, Photographer

Emma Phelps, Photographer

Valerie Szalanczy, Photographer

Ben Wasserstein, Photographer

YounHee Oh, Head of Graphic Design

Carissa Gurgul, Graphic Designer

Bella Holmgren, Graphic Designer

Alexis Angelus, Gabriela Telepman, Social Media Managers

Claire Mendelson, Digital Director

Makenna Rhae, Public Relations Director

Stacey Dec, Magazine Editor

Bella Holmgren, Magazine Designer

Youn Hee Oh, Magazine Designer

Allison Walters, Magazine Designer 

Laughlin Ashe, Director of Business Development Manager

Diego Rayas, Ad Sales Director

Haley Zhao, Business Associate

Davan Guyton, Business Associate

Katie Meyer, Business Associate

Julia Schmuckler, Business Associate

Makenna Fitzsimmons, Director of Public Relations

Sela Betz, Marketing Director

Claire Burke, Marketing Associate

Davan Guyton, Marketing Associate

Ava Holle, Marketing Associate

Joe Kleeman, Marketing Associate

Matt Tighe, Marketing Associate