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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Jazz pioneer Pat Metheny to play at Modlin Center

On Nov. 9, sounds of contemporary jazz music will be captured within the walls of Camp Concert Hall as Pat Metheny combines his cutting edge style on the guitar with Christian McBride on bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a guy who plays at gargantuan venues and huge universities with over 3,000 seats in an up close and personal setting," said Kathy Panoff, executive director of the Modlin Center for the Arts. "Pat Metheny is the American guitarist."

Panoff said the last time the group came to Richmond was about five years ago when the trio played in the Alice Jepson Theatre. Because the show was such a success, they will perform in Camp Concert Hall this time, where 60 additional seats will be available.

The first show at 7:30 p.m. is already sold out, and there are only a few tickets left for the later show at 10:30 p.m., according to Panoff. She said students who do not have tickets to this two-hour show need to get them now.

The Pat Metheny Trio has been on its current tour since the beginning of October after recording a record due for release Jan. 29, 2008. After touring the United States, the trio goes to South Africa, among other destinations abroad.

Music professor Michael Davison said that he has seen all three of the musicians play live, but he has never seen the trio perform.

"During the show, I know I will be blasting off and reaching nirvana," Davison said. "Playing with a small group allows more originality. The trio has the talent and ability to go somewhere new and come back without the audience knowing that it was a moment of sheer creativity."

Davison said he had the opportunity to play his jazz trumpet with McBride during the past, and it is difficult to describe what it feels like being on stage with him because it was so amazing.

He remembered giving McBride a song he composed, and as McBride played it, he said he thought, "This is better than I could have imagined it."

Davison said students should expect a little of everything during the show.

"Pat Metheny combines electronic and acoustic music on the forefront of contemporary jazz and also brings in new sounds with Sanchez on drums and McBride on bass," Davison said.

Pat Metheny has been called one of the most original artists from the 80s onward, with sounds ranging from folkjazz to progressive and contemporary jazz to mood music and jazz-rock fusion. Metheny has recorded with musicians such as Jim Hall, Dave Holland, Chick Corea, Joni Mitchell and Ornette Coleman.

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"I have seen Metheny play several times, and he is an inspiration," said senior Chris Chandler. "No one on the planet is more advanced on the guitar than he is. He has changed the way any guitarist approaches playing."

Chandler, a music composition and psychology major and jazz guitar player, said he would be attending both shows on the night of the concert. He said that he has had the fortunate experience of working with Metheny on a more personal level at guitar workshops, where Metheny brought McBride and Sanchez to demo certain sounds.

"There is a level of communication between the three players that is truly amazing," Chandler said. "They are speaking their own language through music, and it is the most interesting conversation you could ever observe."

Senior Chris Hamby, who plays the jazz saxophone, said he had heard of Metheny when he was younger but started listening to him consistently when he came to Richmond. Hamby said he was excited for the concert.

"Pat Metheny is a big name performer," Hamby said. "He has been around for so many years, and he has a unique career path. Students should go to the music library and check out the album 'Bright Size Life,' and if you don't like Pat Metheny, there is something wrong with you"

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