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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Put your built-up junk to use

Spring 2008

Whether you've been here at Richmond for four years or only for one, you've accumulated a lot strong writing and speaking skills, a thirst for knowledge, a passion for learning and a whole lot of crap. Think about your apartment or dorm room. What do you really have in there that you're going to need once leaving Richmond? Your shot glass collection, beanbag chair, life-sized Fabio poster or prized beer pyramid in the closet?

Within two short weeks, you will have your last CORE class if you're a first year, take agonizing exams if you're a sophomore or junior or leave your liver at Myrtle Beach if you're a senior. Regardless, you will have to move out of your dorm room or apartment at the end of semester or else Richmond will fine you more than all your parking tickets combined.

So, how do we get rid of all this crap and more importantly, how do we help the environment at the same time? You can start by actually using the Goodwill boxes that are placed all throughout the dorms and laundry rooms on campus. As cliche as it sounds, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Looking for a new stereo for next year, refrigerator, blender or new outfit for that 80s party always thrown at the beginning of school? All these awesome things can be found during an adventurous dumpster diving trip with friends!

We as a campus have the responsibility to reduce our waste to the best of our ability. Use the Goodwill bins that serve those in need throughout the greater Richmond area. Deliver your discarded items to one of the two Goodwill locations on Broad Street, and network with your friends to find out who needs what for their dorm room next year. If you have learned anything about the environment during your time here at Richmond, it should not be just that tulips are gorgeous and pollen sucks, but that we can all take small steps towards helping our environment.

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