The Collegian
Tuesday, March 28, 2023

RENEWed frustration

Richmond College '10

As much as I appreciate the work that RENEW has done to raise environmental awareness around campus and make us "greener," I gotta ask: "What on earth was RENEW thinking when they chose the Tuesday before the finals to remove trays from Dhall?" With last minute exams, quizzes, papers, projects and, of course, preparations for the finals, we had enough to deal with already. This is too stressful of a week for this kind of an undertaking.

While we have yet to find out if this helps reduce waste or not, one thing is clear: students ended up wasting more time going back and forth, given that they could only carry so much at a time (I, for one, need more help with time management than waste management). As I surveyed my own table and those around me, it seemed apparent that some had chosen to request trays -- which took me more than five minutes to get because they were not available -- while others were going back and forth in order to get all the food they needed. It did not seem as though anyone was eating less -- or getting less food.

Same amount of food (and waste), just one plate at a time. The D-Hall employees, as well as students whom I talked to, expressed their frustration with "tray-less day."

Perhaps next time we ought to look at the overall impact and not just the environmental aspect of such an endeavor.

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