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Friday, April 19, 2024

WAHHHHH! Students should take a hint and lighten up

Richmond College '08

"Don't worry about it, these kids take everything too seriously." --Rory Golod

It's about time someone addressed the student body at the University of Richmond.

This may seem obnoxious, but hey, I am a senior and you won't have to deal with me ever again. So grow up, stop complaining about petty problems because we all have them. Start concentrating on some real issues. My classification of a real issue would be something that is not only a problem on campus, but one that could affect those who are not a part of the university. An example would be the doll in the Cousins Theater because it addresses a problem that extends beyond our bubble. But to be honest, I am tired of reading about the wahability of the average Richmond student.

Complaint #1: The school won't let us write in chalk on the Forum bricks. Wah! There are better ways to express oneself than in colored chalk that most likely no one will read.

Complaint #2: The social scene at UR is monotonous. Wah! There is plenty to do on campus and in the surrounding former capital of the Confederacy. If you are not a fan of lodge parties, that is fine. You now have two great new music venues downtown, a few museums and tons of great restaurants.

Complaint #3: We lack diversity. What is the definition of diversity? According to an online dictionary, diversity is a point or respect in which things differ. We're diverse in what we look like, what we believe in, where we come from and how we choose to live our lives. We might not be as diverse in all areas as we would like to be, but diversity does indeed exist on this campus, and it has grown every year since I have been here.

I know that my opinion probably means nothing to most of you, but the wah-ing has to end. Let the opinion section of The Collegian be a place for people to bring up controversial, yet important subjects because if we cannot talk about them openly we will never grow as a society. I am pleased with the way the University of Richmond is run and the life we can live as students here. Just do me a favor and save the complaints for the real problems.

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