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Thursday, November 30, 2023

I'd choose Sarah Palin over Rosie the Riveter

Westhampton College '10

To suggest that Sarah Palin is "unaware of her gender" and merely "regurgitating the misogynistic party line of the Republicans" is offensive to women everywhere. Vicky Allen seems to think that women must share a certain set of views simply based on their sex or gender. To assume that women must all think or act the same because of their shared anatomy puts me in a box that I refuse to step into. How many other ladies(?) ... er ... gentlemen(?) agree with me? I am most definitely pro-life, Republican and ... a woman. However, according to Miss Allen, the first two terms are incompatible with the last. Anybody in Gray Court want a roommate, because apparently housing got my gender wrong?

Yes, it is unfortunate that rape kits in Alaska had to be paid for by victims or their insurance companies. But is it any more fair to fiscally penalize other citizens for a criminal's actions? And while we're on it, let us take a second and talk about the things men have to pay for unfairly! Chances are, your male date paid for your last evening out. And paternity tests? How many men have to pay child support because their girlfriends were "on the pill"... is it their fault she forgot to take it too many days that month?

Furthermore, Allen suggests that reproductive "rights" equal equality, by stating that Palin is a chance at "destroying all of the steps toward equality that have been made in the past 30 years." Whose equality? The unborn? How about the fathers? I should like to point out that the child "in question" would not be "in question" without the active participation of a male. And yet, that male has no say in whether or not he gets to be a father. Sounds equal to me ...hmm (sperm+egg = women's rights only).

To move on, Allen points out that Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant. I for one, am impressed that Sarah Palin's actions are consistent with her words. She proves she stands by her values at all times, and does not pick and choose when those values can be applied. In addition, she has demonstrated that she has instilled responsibility and the value of a human life into her daughter! Props for them both! Furthermore, the article suggests that Palin "didn't feel the need to teach Bristol how to avoid becoming a teen mother." I have several problems with this: 1) birth control is never 100 percent effective. Only abstinence is. Therefore accidents do not equal ignorance; 2) Bristol's decision to have pre-martial sex and her sexual freedom would be one of the "freedoms" often attributed to "feminism." Is Allen now judging Bristol for engaging in such an activity ... doesn't Bristol have "the right to choose" if she wants sex? She is taking responsibility for her actions, as is the father. Now that is REPRODUCTIVE EQUALITY!

There is indeed work that needs to be done concerning gender, reproductive, and sexual rights, but as far as I am concerned, that work should be aimed at equalizing men. How about the gender assumption that men are a threat? Girls cannot walk around alone. The men are dangerous. "Quick, call the raper." If anyone is interested in starting a "MILL" program here on campus, I'd be more than happy to bake you some cookies for your first meeting. So here's to you, Sarah Palin, and I'd be pleased to serve you my "reproductive rights" on a silver platter. Well, right after I head to Hooters and swing by a strip club ... because that is what guys do, right?

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