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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

What does your bagel flavor say about you?

The Artist (Asiago Cheese with sun-dried tomato cream cheese)

You have an appetite for the finer things in life. A true epicure, for you, food isn't about comfort, it's about the experience. You may also like: Cathedrals, truffle oil and Florence.

The Meditator (Whole Wheat with veggie cream cheese)

For you, nourishment comes from the earth. Fancy names and over-processed ingredients make you wary. Simple seasonings and bottled water will do. You may also like: Yoga, hummus and linen.

The Royal (Cinnamon Raisin with butter)

Sweet decadence. For you, enough is never enough. Only the sweetest and richest swirls of flavor seduce your palette. You may also like: Bubble baths, chandeliers and Ring Dance.

The All-American (Blueberry with strawberry cream cheese)

Red, white and blueberry, please. For you, it's all about knowing what you like and sticking to it, classic flavors and home-style ingredients. You may also like: Family Circle magazine, summering in Maine and baseball.

The Classic (Plain with plain cream cheese)

No frills, no fluff. Why complicate a good thing? For you, basic is best. You may also like: Soap, clocks and flip-flops.

The Daredevil (Pumpernickel with maple-raisin cream cheese)

You like to take risks and shock your friends. When you heard that pumpernickel hadn't been ordered since 1998, you knew it was the one for you...

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You may also like: Motorcycles, strobe lights and Gene Simmons.

The Enigma (Marble with plain cream cheese)

You have absolutely no idea why you ordered this. You have trouble making decisions so you often end up eating things that look as confused as you are. You may also like: Puzzles, merry-go-rounds and customer support.

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