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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Haunted Richmond

Read about the spooky spots in Richmond!

Church Hill Tunnel - In 1925 The Church Hill Train Tunnel was reopened after being closed because of deaths in 1877. Several cars were near the entrance of the tunnel when it collapsed, killing everyone. During early October you can hear the train going through the tunnel. Witnesses have reported seeing a man trying to get into the tunnel to reach his train and save the trapped workers. You can still hear them screaming.

Henrico County - Shirlydale Ave.(apartments) - At the end of Shirlydale Ave., after the cul-de-sac, there was a house about 50 yards away that was used as a hospital during the Civil War. It was torn down in the '80s. When the property was cleared, it was rumored that the spiteful union solders removed the tombstones and killed the patients in the hospital as they rested. You can still hear the confederate soldiers screaming and moaning. You can also see soldiers walking through the woods and sometimes you can hear a harmonica playing in the distance .

Hollywood Cemetery - Poole's Tomb is known as the Vampire Tomb. Supposedly, the man enclosed in the building was a vampire and has been known to stalk and attack visitors in the cemetery late at night.

Pocohantas Parkway - The new road was constructed over an old Indian grave. Spirits come out around midnight near the tollbooth. There have been several reports of the ghosts to the police. Toll booth workers say they hear strange noises at night.

Tuckahoe Plantation - This was the childhood home of Thomas Jefferson. A distressed bride is said to walk the grounds sobbing. It seems she was forced to marry against her will, and died of a broken heart.

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