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Saturday, December 09, 2023

Magnolia's bistro comes to Village

Magnolia's, a new wine bar and bistro opening soon in the Village Shopping Center, will provide an atmosphere for people to learn about wine while enjoying good, simple food.

The new 45-to-60-seat bistro is the sister restaurant to Village Fine Wine and Cigar. It will be opening as soon as possible, chef Chris Savage said, adding that it could open as soon as next week.

Open for lunch, Sunday brunch and dinner, the bistro will have room for 20 at the bar, 25 to 26 inside and 20 on the outside patio, Savage said. Diners will still be able to sit outdoors even on the coldest days because of space heaters.

Magnolia's is based off of good food, Savage said, but the focus is on the wine. There will be 70 bottles served by the glass.

Customers will have the option of sampling three wines at a time, called a flight. Because the wine is served in smaller glasses, a diner would be able to try lighter and fuller varieties together.

Because the wine is served by the glass, Savage said, diners will be able to sample a $70 bottle of wine that they wouldn't have usually committed to buying, for around $10 a glass. Then, if they liked it, the same wine would be for sale next door.

The staff will be beginning classes to people who want to learn about the wines Magnolia's serves, Savage said. After taking the class, a person will know the wine's characteristics, the region it came from and the culture of the region.

Magnolia's is teaming up with Carytown Teas to offer tea pairings for those who aren't 21 or aren't interested in wine. Tea is similar to wine in the way it has different notes and aromas that go with different foods.

The menu was created by Savage and includes a Spanish tapas-inspired tasting menu with smaller portions--and lower prices--of dishes such as seafood paella or a five spice-scented grilled duck breast with blood orange port reduction. The menu also notes a suggestion for a wine to pair with these dishes. The idea is for diners to be able to mix-and-match tastes.

Also, Magnolia's serves a selection of salads, main courses and desserts. Try the wild mushroom and crab parpardelle for $16 or Dr. B's burger for $16.

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"I ate this burger as a kid," Savage said. "Dr. B had two doctorates but took more pride in his burger than anything else."

The desserts will typically come with a dessert wine or port, Savage said. Desserts include a classic strawberry shortcake and a walnut-encrusted chocolate pate.

The restaurant has a tiny freezer, Savage said, so Magnolia's will get food shipments every day or so, as opposed to once a week like larger restaurants. He will also be using Cavalier Produce, a company that focuses on local, in-season fruits and vegetables.

"He keeps it simple," said Bruce Bogad, manager of Fine Wine and Cigar, about Steve Dopp, the owner, and Savage's method of approaching the restaurant.

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