The Collegian
Saturday, December 10, 2022

Boutique of the Week: Roadrunner

3002 West Cary St.


At Roadrunner, the employees use the track that goes around the inside of the store to analyze a customer's foot mechanics to determine the best shoe for the customer's stride.

"Newer stores use treadmills now," employee Alison Burnette said. "But,sometimes that changes things. We stick to what has worked for 20 plus years."

They will also look at the wear patterns on your old running shoes to see which area of your foot you place most of your weight on. Doing this helps find a shoe that is built to correct your gait and will ensure that it fits properly and doesn't irritate your foot. Having a properly fitted shoe will improve the way you run and will help to reduce injuries like shin splints and stress fractures.

Roadrunner, located in Carytown, focuses on running and stocks all the necessary gear for the activity. Also, because the owner, Thom Suddeth, is a cyclist, there is a slight crossover into bicycling. Roadrunner has been open for 23 years, and has been in its current location for about five years. It is the oldest running store in Richmond and one of the oldest in Virginia.

The store is very involved with the competitive racing in the community, Burnette said. Each person on staff is a runner and employees share an interest in running marathons that take place in Richmond. Suddeth helps organize the lead runners for the Monument marathon and makes sure things go smoothly.

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