Westhampton College '10

Hey guys, thanks for the reaction; it's what I was looking for.

The whole purpose behind this article was not to belittle the college scene, or to set myself apart from it, as I am not by any means holier-than-thou (sorry for making my fb profile unsearchable).

Mostly, my aim was to shock people into thinking about the issue themselves, but more importantly not to be surprised when rumors and stereotypes surface about their actual behavior.

I'm assuming that the two of you are recent graduates and have not been keeping up to date on what's been going on on campus (though I would like to think that they taught you in law school/wall street or wherever to take things in context). This is a response to the overreaction people had to an e-mail sent by, more than likely, fraternity brothers of yours describing a stereotypical UR woman.

And what did the stereotypical UR woman do after she read the e-mail? She freaked out. When I said "STOP COMPLAINING" I was directing that to those women who got pissed off about somebody making a near-truth statement, or at least, more true than she would like to admit.

I mean, as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions, then go for it, who am I to judge you? The people I intended to point out in this article are those who are guilty of the actions, but were up in arms when those same actions were so disgustingly caricatured.

Also, John -- just in case you were wondering, Richmond was my first choice.