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Saturday, December 09, 2023

Richmond students are not classy

It's true that the recent frat e-mail was disgustingly prejudiced. But more to the point, the images that were so bluntly described are not that far from the true social life of a typical Richmond student.

Here's the REAL problem: The university cannot figure out how to clean up after its students. And I don't blame them. How are you supposed to turn a bunch of MRS-seeking (and I apply the idea behind this term to men as well as women), daddy's girls and momma's boys into the Ivy-League intellectuals we strive to be? Let's face it: Our school is, for most students here, the second choice to the Ivy League we didn't get into. And unfortunately, Richmond tends to be the "perfect place" for those students who can't really take care of themselves.

Apparently, the inability to look after oneself extends as far as the inability to know what is appropriate and what isn't. Richmond students are not classy.

Yes, I am generalizing, but we all know that this generalization applies to a large majority of UR students -- anyone who has ever attended a lodge party or participated in raucous drinking games and freshmen hazing at the apartments knows that those "offensive" statements were closer to the truth than we would like to think.

The worst part is that this is a stereotype that we, as women, are allowing to persist, not through apathy, but rather through our own actions. Because where, exactly, does a stereotype come from? Yep, it's based on fact. And the longer we continue to act in the manner described, the longer the stereotype will survive.

Think back on your experience at UR -- I mean really think back. How many times have YOU grinded vigorously with some guy you don't even know? How many times have YOU woken up unable to recall all of the events of the previous night?

If your parents didn't teach you what's appropriate and what's not, I'm sorry, but here's some simple advice from mine: Be smart. If you don't want stereotypes floating around Richmond, don't perpetuate them by proving them right.

This is my other quarrel with the students: We complain that Richmond lacks things to do -- even the recent Collegian poll showed an overwhelming number of students think the campus lacks social activities, and yet we expect, once again, the FACULTY AND STAFF to do something about it.

Look, I don't know where you came from, I don't know how you grew up or what your parents taught you, but regardless, college is a place to learn and to MATURE. It's time to start acting like adults and take some responsibility for your own actions. So for God's sake, STOP COMPLAINING, grow up and make things happen.

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