The Collegian
Friday, March 01, 2024

Go back to Compton

So last weekend -- what a doozy. After the week from hell of two five-page papers and a test, I thought I was going to explode. I mean, back in high school teachers never assigned us any more than one paper or test at a time. Don't college professors know that I've got iCal colors to coordinate and Facebook friend requests to accept? Well whatev, because I totally made up for it that Friday night.

Obviously we went to the lodges and it was such a great time. I can't believe people complain about lodge feet and bad music because every time I go it's such a great time. The frat guys always seem really friendly and are always offering to get me a drink and they never seem to mind when my friends and I get up on stage. The only downer was when some rando junior guy told me that my Collegian articles sucked. I don't know what his deal was, but I'm sure he was just uptight because I get to show everyone how cool my weekends are in the school paper and he doesn't.

Anyway, Saturday was fun, too, because I got to spend the whole day reflecting on and writing about the smaller parts of life that everyone else besides me just seems to be missing. Friday night was just too fun not to repeat, so we spent the night lodge-hopping and being obnoxious, but it's fine because when you're 19, if you're not celebrating how cool you are, then you're just missing out. I don't know why nobody else seems to get that. Well, that was my crazy weekend. I'll probably be spending this week thinking up some witty, self-appreciating reply to what that loser junior said to me. That should put him in his place.

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