The Collegian
Monday, February 26, 2024

A few words of gratitude

I'm sure there are countless articles and editorials in this week's edition of The Collegian recapping the wonderful snow day we all saw on Monday. While you all may be tired of reading about it, I couldn't let this opportunity pass without expressing a word of gratitude to the university administration and staff who made our snow day a success.

Sunday evening, inches of snow began to cover everything in sight with that beautiful white blanket that we love to see, but dread cleaning up. While we all worked or played away, university staff was clearing and salting roads and pathways to keep us safe. Dining hall staff worked until regular hours risking a long and dangerous commute home to make sure that we all had a chance to have dinner and the administration surely monitored weather conditions and kept vigil while making decisions well into the night that would directly affect our safety and our access to basic services.

As I contemplated the various efforts on all fronts keeping our "bubble" campus running and safe in the midst of this storm, I also thought about the countless unseen things that this administration and staff does on a daily basis. From handling the fall's regular floods and power outages to battling termites and other infestations in dorm rooms, to raking leaves and planting flowers and picking up the "Beast" or "Natty" cans some of us so proudly leave around. I felt convicted for the lack of appreciation and recognition that we as students express to our staff. Instead of being aware and physically saying thank you for the everyday tasks that are done for us, we, more often than we realize or care to admit, prefer to complain about the lack of tree swings (no offense, Michael Rogers) or variety at our award-winning dining hall.

So to the university's administration, staff and personnel, I want to say THANK YOU! You are not invisible! We recognize your service and commitment to us and our campus. THANK YOU for leaving your homes and families on your snow day. THANK YOU for facing the treacherous roads and commute. THANK YOU for always doing your job faithfully and to the best of your ability. From the UR student body (or just me if no one else agrees) THANK YOU for making our snow day a fun and safe success that we will treasure in our box of college memories.

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