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Friday, February 23, 2024


This is in response to the article about the on-campus parking and the kiddies who were brilliant enough to reach $1,000 in fines. Let me make it clear that I do not agree with all of the Parking Services rules. Some do need to be changed, but to abuse the rules this much and not learn from it is something that needs to be discussed.

To the students dumb enough to get all these fines, firstly I would like to say, awesome, way to be lazy. If you live in the apartments and you actually have to drive to class, you have some real issues. The campus is not that big, and getting from the apartments to the other side takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

As for the A-lot students who parked in C-lot behind Gottwald, I have nothing to say. Your laziness speaks for itself. Second of all, seeing as how those select few accumulated more than $1,000 in fines, you probably are not in fact paying that money yourself, and your mommy or daddy has to pony up the money.

You have an odd way of showing your appreciation for your parents. I mean, they probably already paid for your tuition. What's an extra grand, right? If I were them, your car would be taken away from you and most likely sold to pay off the fines that you so kindly acquired. I'm sure if you had to pay the money yourself, your habits would quickly change.

Responsibility is necessary for when you leave the bubble we call college, and if you can't show some while you are here, you have absolutely no chance in the real world. In the real world they won't just tell you that you can't have your car on campus. Nope, instead they take it from you, put it in a repo and make you pay to get it back. You should be happy that the parking services here are so lenient and only send you an e-mail giving you a heads-up that your car is no longer allowed on campus.

The final sad note to this story is that one of the two students who were interviewed about their $1,000 in fines was a RCGA senator. Hooray, way to set an example for the students. Your inability to abide by the simple parking rules set on campus is a fantastic way to represent Richmond and its student government. Congratulations.

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