Dear University of Richmond students, faculty and staff,

Welcome back and we want to wish everybody a wonderful and safe semester.

I'm sorry this is getting to you so late but things got really hectic for us toward the end of last semester. Cole and I want to thank all of you for your continued support and love. This year's Trick or Treat Street was so much fun and the money raised so very much appreciated! Cole had a great time despite the iffy weather. Charles Parsons and Elise Reinemann did such a wonderful job!

Cole and I traveled to his doctor in Cincinnati the week after TOTS and while his overall report was good. His liver disease is showing signs of slowly progressing. Not only was it a comfort knowing that funds raised by you were making our travel possible, but it was even more comforting knowing how much you care about Cole!

God bless you all!

Much love,

Cole and Lynn Hafer