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Monday, April 15, 2024

Two-Minute Drill: 1/21/10

• The New York Jets, yes those New York Jets, will play the Indianapolis Colts at 3 p.m. Sunday with the winner headed to the Super Bowl. ... The Colts will be heavy favorites with an All-Pro passing game and strong home-field advantage, but just ask the Chargers how that combo worked out.

• Brett Favre will try to return to the Super Bowl on Sunday when his Minnesota Vikings face the New Orleans Saints. ... Favre's a Mississippi guy, but with Saints frenzy reaching full throttle on the Gulf Coast, he better be careful where he gets his gumbo.

• Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire finally admitted he took steroids during his record-setting career. ... In other breaking news, Dennis Rodman is in rehab and Pete Rose bet on baseball.

• Former Major Leaguer turned manager Jose Offerman was suspended for life from the Dominican Winter Baseball League after taking a swing at an umpire. ... Two years ago, Offerman hit a minor-league catcher in the head with a bat, so while he's out of baseball for good, he could probably look into the WWE or UFC.

• The University of Richmond men's basketball team is 9-1 at home this season. ... The student crowd has grown in size, but still remains weak in volume. C'mon people, it's basketball, not ballet.

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