Would you like to hear the truth, I know I do

I write speaking the truth with experience as the proof

UR! going to confront a lot of bull attending Richmond

It's kinda like being imprisoned with rich kids in a system

A black male at UR. "Oh are you an athlete?"

Man why is that the first thing you ask me, what the hell you think?

And when you say NO, You get a look like "Why you here?"

First emotion anger but your offended pride sheds a tear

Being black here is especially hard if you don't have a car

We all tired of dhall, C'mon, we don't eat counting carbs

Being black means being greeted by the smiles of Tahj and Tenaj

And NO!!! You will not be getting in Kappa Sig's lodge

Beginning of February, they throw an epic fail Black History dinner

We didn't spend a minute saying one history fact, did we?

At some point point, some drunk white dude is gonna call you nigga

U might want to, but Richmond gives you way too much money to hit


But I guess we all learn to deal with crap like that

By the way, when you first got here I bet your first roommate was


Unless there's an odd number of black people on your floor

And beware of drunk white chicks who stumble in your door

Like I said, We all learn to deal with it I guess

I know life throws pop quizzes, but UR is a test

Just keep on giving thanks to God for helping through the stress

And you'll continue to be blessed and things will turn out for the best.