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Monday, December 04, 2023

Two-Minute Drill: 2/4/10

&mbull; Former NFL running back Herschel Walker, 47, won his first-career mixed martial arts fight on Saturday, beating a 25-year-old man from Arizona. ... Kind of a cool story, but it begs the question: Why would you ever want to fight Herschel Walker?

&mbull; Professional golfer Scott McCarron and Phil Mickelson have engaged in a tabloid catfight after McCarron said Mickelson's use of square-grooved wedges constituted cheating. ... The two were going to settle the dispute in an MMA fight of their own, but Mickelson is about 45 Big Macs out of McCarron's weight class.

&mbull; Beyonce and Taylor Swift were the big winners at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, which was refreshingly free of Kanye West. ... Normally the Grammys wouldn't make the TMD, but apparently the NFL had an All-Star game on the same night. ... But, it wasn't in Hawaii, it was before the Super Bowl and David Garrard played in it, so it might have just been a prank.

&mbull; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan flipped the bird to Miami Dolphins fans at, you guessed it, an MMA fight in Miami last week, earning himself a $50,000 fine from his team. ... The rotund Ryan claims the entire incident was a misunderstanding and that he was actually using his middle finger to get the attention of both the cotton candy man and the beer man at the same time.

&mbull; The University of Richmond men's basketball team is 9-1 at home this season. ... The student crowd has grown in size, but still remains weak in volume. C'mon people, it's basketball, not ballet.

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