There you go again

Hiding beneath the tarp of black

Thrown about you, a dirty cloak

A slivered silhouette

And now, now you throw crumbled leaves

of words and images

to stray us all

to lose our whole

All, only to disappear from duty

and obligation

to educate

to contribute

I am no poet

I am no expert

But to remain silent

Would snuff out my light

And allow the drunken, dark banter

of a sliver, a fool

to cast us back into darkness

and disgrace, humiliation

The cloak singes the temperature

It sinks the soul

and you, friend, are dancing along the fire

you tiptoe on water's edge

The sound of licking flames escapes you

the roar of current is but a backdrop

as you hide behind the color veil

as you hide in the darkness.