Dear UR Community,

I would like to thank each and every person who helped with this year's Trick or Treat Street, especially the chairs. It was a perfect day in every way! Cole had a fantastic time and loved all of the activities — the maze, the haunted houses, the slide, all the great games, EVERYTHING! He was so excited and proud that the event was in his honor. While he doesn't understand about the fundraising aspect, he and I both understand the love and dedication we are shown each and every year.

Last week, Cole had his annual ultrasound of his abdomen. His spleen continues to enlarge slowly which is a complication of the biliary artresia, but his doctors are not overly concerned at this point. However, it is a reminder of what the future is likely to hold. Your generosity and love are such a comfort now and will be as Cole's journey progresses.


Lynn Hafer