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Tuesday, December 01, 2020


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Tune In to TV: TV that doesn't suck

NBC's "30 Rock" and "Community" returned last week to continue their 6th and 2nd seasons, respectively (my Thursdays just got a lot better). Both shows returned in prime form.

If you don't already know, "30 Rock," starring Tina Fey (maybe the only funny woman on television), is among the best comedy shows around.

Last week's episode, "Mrs. Donaghy," focused on marriage, portraying it as a cutthroat game of one-upmanship.

A misunderstanding caused by Liz's bride-like attire and the ceremony being held in French, causes Jack, who was supposed to have married Avery (Elizabeth Banks, the closest you'll get to a second funny woman on television, and in the same show!) to marry Liz.

Liz, with peer pressure from her TGS (originally called The Girlie Show) team, leverages the signing of divorce papers in order to get a better budget and regain perks lost from Kabletown's (*cough* Comcast) acquisition of NBC.

Meanwhile in plot B, budget cuts force Jenna and Danny to share the same dressing room, turning them into a bickering married couple with Kenneth as their "child."

Tracy Jordan is MIA for most of the episode because he is off hosting the international pornography awards. Of course he is.

In the mean time, Tracy's wife, Angie, attains gainful employment as a reality TV star. Her tagline?

"I'm Angie and I think elegance and attitude are the same thing." Brilliant. Don't lie, you would eat that up like it was meatloaf (and I mean your grandma's special recipe meatloaf, not D-Hall's).

I, for one, would watch this for the same reason I watched "Flavor of Love" because trashy TV is entertaining and those unbelievably idiotic people make me feel superhuman.

NBC's "Community" also made its return last week with a particularly good episode.

"Asian Population Studies" centers around the dilemma of adding another member to the study group.

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Senor Chang and Rich, Annie's new love interest, are the two main candidates. Jeff resents annoyingly-perfect Rich and does everything he can to avoid letting him in, including vouching for Senor Chang.

Theo Huxtable guest stars as Shirley's ex-husband and current boyfriend.

He, of course, wears the appropriate Bill Cosby sweater and makes a crack about how his dad gave it to him.

For those of us who grew up watching the Cosby Show, this was a much appreciated touch.

Incidentally, after watching the episode I googled Theo Huxtable, not because I needed to know anything in particular, but because I'm a media-sponge internet junky.

Peculiarly enough it was not a Wiki article or an IMDB page that came up first; it was his Urban Dictionary definition.

The definition of a "Cleo Huxtable" is wildly inappropriate for this medium, but let's just say it's a new twist on an old, but relatively unpopular move.

This week: Tune in Thursday night for "30 Rock" (10 p.m.) and "Community" (8 p.m.) and check out "Archer" (10 p.m.) on FX.

"Archer" is an adult cartoon that I highly recommend if you like adult-swim shows like "Venture Brothers" or "Metalocalypse"

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