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Monday, April 15, 2024

Why the Richmond side of campus is better

As sophomores, many of my friends were upset last year because they received high lottery numbers and thus were forced to live on the Richmond ("freshman") side of campus this year.

I, however, living on the Westhampton side now, have come to realize just how lucky they actually were.

Here are the top nine reasons why it's better to live on the Richmond side of campus:

1. It's closer to classes. When I'm running on two hours of sleep a night, I'd trade those few extra minutes in the morning for my diploma.

Also, it's nice not having to pass the entire campus population sporting the un-showered two-hours-of-sleep glaze and having to play it off like I purposely went for a grunge look. Also, the walk to class when it's pouring rain and 20 degrees is enough to send you right over the edge.

2. It's better than a closet in North Court. I was happy when I found out I got a room over here until I realized they accidentally assigned me a closet.

When I was told that there actually was no mistake, and yes, we would have to bunk our beds because no, they won't fit side by side in the room, I longed for my Robins Hall triple like no other. Note: the bottom bunk sucks.

3. It's closer to the gym. Even if you only spend 15 minutes there you still get to strut across X-Lot looking athletic.

4. It's farther from D-Hall. The workers can only refill the ice cream sandwich bin so many times a day.

5. It's closer to freshmen boys. If you're sick of your own grade they're always outside Dennis Hall pretending to play some random sport, but secretly on the prowl for anything and everything. Sophomore cougars, anyone?

6. It's closer to the lodges. 'Nuff said.

7. It's closer to the library, which is the place to be at night. Plus it's the social hub for ducks if you're having a lonely day and need a lil' extra company.

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8. It's within walking distance of Moe's and CVS for when you wake up to an emergency.

9. It's closer to the football stadium for when you once again are feeling sporty, go to the game for less than three minutes, get a free shirt and Jimmy Johns, then get "too hot" and go back to your dorm to sleep until the lodges.

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