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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Spider Basketball: What's for dinner?

After the University of Richmond men's basketball team finishes its run in the NCAA Tournament, the team should sit down for dinner and discuss its record-breaking season. Here are some things the players could bring.

#1 Darrius Garrett-

Whatever is being served at the block party. And don't even think about double-dipping in his ketchup.

#2 Cedrick Lindsay -

Easy Mac. It's ready to go in minutes, which is about how long it took the freshman to elevate his game to the college level.

#3 Darien Brothers -

Spinach ... and lots of it. Have you seen this guy's arms?

#10 Josh Duinker -

A huge jar of Vegemite. If you aren't laughing, you need to Google the commercials.

#12 Kevin Smith -

He told Richmond basketball beat writer Andrew Prezioso that all he did was pass, dunk and eat cookies, so he'll be the one bringing dessert.

#14 Kevin Anderson -

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Filet mignon. It might be the smallest cut of beef, but it is also the most prized.

#15 Francis-Cedric Martel -

Burgers from The Cellar. Sometimes you forget how good they are.

#32 Justin Harper -

Fine wine. He's gotten better as he's aged. And he'll be able to afford it if he's taken in this year's NBA draft.

#34 Derrick Williams -

Paninis from D-Hall. They might take a while to prepare, but they're well worth the wait.

#41 Dan Geriot -

Buffalo Chicken Wraps from Tyler's Grill. Sometimes they're really hot -- sometimes, not so much.

Coach Chris Mooney -

Philly cheese steaks with extra cheese whiz. The Philadelphia-born Princeton graduate has been a genius from the bench this year.

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