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In-Game Blog: Richmond at Towson

4th Quarter, 0:00- The kick is up and good. Towson players and coaches rush onto the field to congratulate their kicker, as Richmond falls, 31-28.

4th Quarter, 0:04- Richmond now calls a timeout of its own, attempting to ice the kicker.

4th Quarter, 0:04- Towson calls a timeout with the ball at the 11-yard line. They will attempt a 27-yard field goal for the win.

4th Quarter, 0:30- West bounces off a few defenders and has Towson on the UR 15, well within field goal range.

4th Quarter, 1:14- The 3rd and 7 becomes 3rd and 12 thanks to a delay of game penalty, but Towson still converts, down to the Richmond 30 on a long-developing pass play.

4th Quarter, 1:26- Mayo is back in the game and also makes a huge interception, but the ball falls to the ground, bringing up a 3rd and 7 for Towson.

4th Quarter, 2:19- West continues to tear through the Richmond defense, picking up 16 yards on the first play of the drive.

4th Quarter, 2:27- Richmond defense looks to dig in, with Towson beginning its drive at its own 35.

4th Quarter, 2:33- Whatever the result of this game, Corp has done all he can, now with 353 yards and two touchdowns on 31 completions in 34 attempts.

4th Quarter, 2:33- On third and goal from eight yards out, Corp hits Barnette in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. Kamin converts on the extra point, and this game is again tied, 28-28.

4th Quarter, 3:51- After a big third down conversion by tight end Sam Roller, Corp finds Gray down the sideline down to the Towson 10-yard line.

4th Quarter, 5:59- Corp finds Finney over the middle once again for a 16-yard gain to open the drive.

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4th Quarter, 6:10- Needing to answer, Richmond will begin its next drive at the 30-yard line, helped by an offsides penalty on the kickoff.

4th Quarter, 6:15- West continues his dominant game, rushing 25 yards for his fourth touchdown of the game. That puts the Tigers back in front, 28-21.

4th Quarter, 7:02- Richmond linebacker Derek Mayo is down on the field with an injury. He walks off the field and is hopefully okay, as the Spiders can not afford any more defensive injuries. It looked like he ran into a teammate on the play. Tigers have a 3rd and 1 on the UR 28.

4th Quarter, 10:30- Kamin makes a huge play, tripping up the Towson return man. Kamin was the only Richmond player between the returner and the end zone. Towson begins its drive at its own 35.

4th Quarter, 10:37- It's evident that Richmond is fighting for its season here in Towson and the offense is coming through. The defense needs to match the offense's intensity though if it plans on stopping the Towson offense.

4th Quarter, 10:37- Edwards comes down with a pass in the end zone for the 12-yard score. Richmond elects to go for the two-point conversion and Corp finds Barnette along the back line for the conversion. That ties the score at 21-21.

4th Quarter, 14:15- Corp quickly gets Richmond out from near its own endzone with deep completions to Edwards and Finney. Ball is now on the Towson 48.

4th Quarter, 14:47- Pettus breaks a few tackles, but runs backwards on the return, leaving the offense to begin its drive on its own 10.

4th Quarter, 14:57- First play of the fourth quarter results in West's third rushing touchdown of the game, this one from three yards out. With the PAT good, Towson now leads 21-13.

3rd Quarter, 0:00- Third quarter comes to a close with the Tigers threatening to increase its lead. They'll begin the final quarter with a 3rd and goal from the 3-yard line. Their lead stands at 14-13.

3rd Quarter, 2:37- West makes a few nice moves in the backfield to avoid Richmond defenders and bolts down the sideline for a 28-yard pickup. Ball now at the UR 18.

3rd Quarter, 4:45- Gaskins gets stuffed at the line on 3rd and goal from the 1-yard line. Kamin comes in and kicks the 23-yard field goal to cut the Towson lead down to one, 14-13.

3rd Quarter, 8:28- Offense rolling along, now in the redzone at the Towson 14-yard line.

3rd Quarter, 10:58- Corp didn't cool off in the lockerroom. He finds Gray open over the middle for a 14-yard gain. That puts the Spiders across midfield to the Towson 47.

3rd Quarter, 13:11- Spiders defense stands tall, forcing a 3 and out. Pettus falls on the punt at the UR 24.

3rd Quarter, 14:56- Second half is underway and Towson will begin its drive at its own 27.

Halftime- One other encouraging stat for the Richmond offense: Corp has yet to be sacked. That's a good sign for the offensive line, which had been struggling.

Halftime- After a down game last week, the offense is back for Richmond. Corp is 18-19 fir 185 yards and Gray has seven catches for 90 yards. Despite the success, the unit continues to hurt its cause with multiple bad plays near the redzone. Its first three drives ended early thanks to a fumble, a penalty, and a negative running play. The Spiders need to build of its last drive to keep up with Towson, which is moving the ball with ease on the injury-depleted Richmond defense.

2nd Quarter, 0:00- Amazing and horrible play by Booker, who breaks multiple tackles in the backfield to avoid a big loss, but by refusing to go down, the first half clock ran out, keeping the Tigers from attempting a field goal to get more points. Lucky break for the Spiders, who go into the locker room down 14-10.

2nd Quarter, 0:20- Spiders defense has a major breakdown in coverage, leaving a Tigers receiver wide open deep down the middle of the field. Towson now has a first down on the UR 22.

2nd Quarter, 1:02- Towson begins its next drive on its own 30 following the kickoff.

2nd Quarter, 1:08- After a trick pass involving receiver Ben Edwards throwing fails on first down, Gaskins runs for a six-yard touchdown on second to make lessen Towson's lead to 14-10. Gaskins has scored in all six games for the Spiders this season.

2nd Quarter, 1:40- Corp quickly forgets he can throw incompletions and completes three more, the last one a deep pass to Gray, who makes a defender miss and gets the ball down to the Towson 6-yard line.

2nd Quarter, 3:35- Corp shows he's human, throwing his first incompletion, making him now 15-16.

2nd Quarter, 3:40- A nice return by Pettus gives Richmond the ball at its own 40. The Spiders really need to answer that touchdown on this drive before halftime. Both offenses are looking good, and Towson will begin the second half with the ball.

2nd Quarter, 3:48- Towson's running back group is deep. The two doing the most damage aren't even listed on the depth chart. Dominique Booker gets them inside the 5-yard line and West carries for a 4-yard touchdown run, his second score of the game. The Tigers extend its lead to 14-3.

2nd Quarter, 6:59- The Tigers pick up the first down on a 7-yard run off a toss play.

2nd Quarter, 7:04- Facing a 4th and 2 at the UR 43-yard line, Towson calls a timeout, likely looking to go for the first down instead of punting.

2nd Quarter, 9:22- Richmond's defense now in a 3-4, with one linebacker lined up near the line of scrimmage. Eric Wright is the extra linebacker in.

2nd Quarter, 10:03- Corp continues to impress, now with 14 straight completions, but throws one short of the first down marker on third down. Kamin comes on to kick a 26-yard field goal, but misses wide left. That's Kamin's first missed field goal of the season.

2nd Quarter, 12:56- Spiders receiver Stephen Barnette takes a big hit at the end of his catch, but holds on to pick up the first down at the Towson 30-yard line.

2nd Quarter, 14:06- Richmond forces a punt and Wayne Pettus calls for a fair catch at the UR 44-yard line. Side note: With 122 net yards in the first quarter, Richmond has already surpassed its entire game total for last week against James Madison when it totaled 117.

1st Quarter, 0:00- First quarter comes to a close on a deep pass that is nearly caught by Towson and then nearly intercepted by Tremayne Graham, but ultimately falls to the ground for an incompletion. The second quarter will begin with Towson up 7-3, with the ball 2nd and 10 on its own 16.

1st Quarter, 0:10- A delay of game penalty kills the Richmond drive, but kicker Will Kamin gets the Spiders on the board with a 36-yard field goal, cutting the Towson lead to 7-3. Corp has completed all 11 of his pass attempts so far.

1st Quarter, 2:22- Richmond fullback Kendall Gaskins looks strong early, breaking numerous tackles each carry. He has the Spiders out to the Towson 20.

1st Quarter, 5:12- Great catch by tight end Kevin Finney on a seam route down the middle of the field. That puts Richmond on the Towson 49-yard line. Side note: Towson is wearing all black uniforms with pink shoes in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and it looks pretty cool.

1st Quarter, 6:12- Towson boots the kickoff through the endzone for the touchback after a Richmond penalty on the PAT moved the ball 15 yards up for the kick. The Spiders begin on its own 20.

1st Quarter, 6:12- Touchdown Tigers on a three-yard run by Tigers tailback Terrance West. That puts Towson ahead 7-0 and marks the first time this season that Richmond failed to score first, and the first time Richmond has allowed any points to an opponent in the first quarter.

1st Quarter, 10:08- A pair of long runs by Towson has them across midfield. Look for Richmond, which normally plays with four down lineman and three linebackers (4-3) to play some defense with four linebackers and three down lineman today (3-4). The switch makes sense because of all the injuries along the defensive line.

1st Quarter, 11:07- Richmond quarterback Aaron Corp makes a great play, stiff-arming a defender in the backfield and throwing to an open Tre Gray, but Gray fumbles the ball away on the Towson 28-yard line and the Tigers recover.

1st Quarter, 13:33- Spiders start off pass, pass, pass, all completions, and have the ball out to around midfield.

1st Quarter, 14:55- Richmond receives the opening kickoff, but the return man trips over a teammate and falls at the UR 15, which is where the Spiders will begin its opening drive.

Pregame- For the Spiders, this is a must-win game to stop the bleeding. After a great start that included a win at FBS-opponent Duke University, Richmond has lost two straight which is bad, but what makes it worse is that both were conference opponents. Towson is the another conference opponent and if the Spiders want to be in the playoffs, they need to start beating the teams in its own conference.

Pregame- Welcome to another round of our live football blog. Today, we're in Towson, Md., as the Spiders are set to face off against the Towson University Tigers. This will be Richmond's third straight game against against an in-conference (Colonial Athletic Association) opponent. Having lost the first two, they will be looking for their first victory. Kickoff is set to go in just over ten minutes now. Some pregame analysis to come.

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