So in a week that I was referring to as practically irrelevant, what with the LSU-Alabama showdown coming up this Saturday, much has changed in the landscape of college football. While LSU and Bama were dormant this week, each still holds the top two spots in the BCS rankings. (Stanford won for the first time by less than a hundred this season, beating USC in triple overtime.) Oklahoma State, No. 3 in the polls, demolished an upstart and dangerous Baylor team by 35, while its in-state rivals, Oklahoma, spanked previously unbeaten Kansas State 58-17.

The only top 10 teams to lose this week were Clemson, which was demolished by Paul Johnson's triple option offense as they lost to Georgia Tech 31-17, and Michigan State, which mustered a sickly three points against Nebraska. Although devastating for those two teams' hopes of a national title, there was not a whole lot of shake up in the top 10. Despite the dormancy, Boise State still dropped a spot from four to five this week. This, I take issue with.

I understand that Boise State plays in the Mountain West, which is certainly a step up from the Western Athletic Conference but still nothing to write home about, but what else do you want from these guys? I know they do not play the best schedule, but the one thing people always say is the easiest way to prove you're the best is by winning. Since 1997, the Broncos have gone 143-32, going 69-2 at home. Let that marinate for a second.

And even in recent years, the team has proven that it can beat top programs, routinely playing in an opening weekend showdown with a team from a major conference, such as Virginia Tech last year and Georgia this year. And it has yet to lose, while also winning the only two Bowl Championship Series it has played in.

Now I know that what a team has done in the past means nothing when you're looking at where they should be ranked currently, but I feel as if Boise is an exception. It gets no respect year after year because of the schedule it plays, and the argument against it is that if it were to play in one of the major conferences, it might not be winning 10 games every year.

I won't try to argue that Boise would still win all of these games if it were in the SEC or the PAC 12, but I will say that we can't know until it is given the opportunity. Every time it has been tested, it has come out on top, so why not let them try it one more time? Especially in a year when one of the top two teams is going to lose by this time next week, and there's a good chance one of the only other two teams in the way is going to lose as well.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I can't stand that every year we are left with doubt. Do we need a playoff? Maybe that is the answer, maybe not. I don't think we'll ever know for sure. But until we do, I don't think that we can ignore Boise State anymore. Give them the respect that they deserve.

Now that I've written this, they'll probably go and lose to University of Nevada-Las Vegas this week just to make me look bad.