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In-Game Blog: Richmond at Old Dominion

4th Quarter, 0:00- The Monarchs elect to go for it, and DeMarco runs for it. They let the clock run out, and the final score is: ODU 42, UR 28.

4th Quarter, 0:35- ODU calls a timeout, facing a 4th and 1 from the UR 12.

4th Quarter, 1:55- The ODU crowd is on its feet as backup quarterback Thomas DeMarco enters the game. DeMarco is a senior, and today's game is Senior Day for the Monarchs.

4th Quarter, 3:01- ODU's offense continues to pass successfully. A long first down gives them the ball at Richmond's 32 yard-line.

4th Quarter, 4:10- Laub's pass on 4th and 2 is incomplete and ODU takes over on its own 49.

4th Quarter, 4:14- Backup John Laub replaces Corp, who was able to walk off the field under his own power.

4th Quarter, 4:14- Corp gets hit hard as he releases the ball. He is down on the field in obvious pain.

4th Quarter, 5:03- Richmond offense comes back out onto the field at its own 24.

4th Quarter, 5:09- ODU puts to rest the upset-minded Spiders, as running back Colby Goodwyn finishes off the drive with a nine-yard touchdown run. The score increases the Monarchs' lead to 42-28.

4th Quarter, 6:06- Defense continues to have trouble tackling receivers, as they give up a 31-yard catch-and-run, out to the UR 33.

4th Quarter, 6:39- Richmond again faced with a 3rd and 10. This time, Corp is intercepted. The turnover is returned to the ODU 30, where the Monarchs will take over.

4th Quarter, 7:35- On 3rd and 10, Corp is chased from the pocket, and he tries to run for it. He gets taken down just short. Richmond elects to go for it, and Gaskins picks it up and then some, gaining 17 yards to give the Spiders a first down at the ODU 29.

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4th Quarter, 9:29- Short kickoff goes to the UR 35, where Finney calls for a fair catch.

4th Quarter, 9:30- After the Spider defense gets penalized for too many men on the field, Heinicke finds receiver Antonio Vaughan open in the end zone for a one-yard touchdown. ODU regains the lead, 35-28.

4th Quarter, 10:21- Another receiver screen goes for big yards. ODU has a first a goal at the UR 8.

4th Quarter, 10:42- ODU gets out past midfield, but a Richmond lineman bats down the pass on 3rd and 2. The Monarchs go for it on fourth down and complete a pass that just barely makes it past the marker. They have a first down at the UR 34.

4th Quarter, 12:17- Barnette may have just made the catch of the year in college football, period. He went up high into the air and brought down the ball with one hand with a defender all over him for a 14-yard touchdown on third down. However, Kamin misses his fourth extra point of the season, leaving the score tied, 28-28.

4th Quarter, 14:07- Gaskins falls forward just far enough to pick up the first down at the ODU 16.

4th Quarter, 14:13- Corp overthrows Finney near the end zone, bringing up a 3rd and 1.

3rd Quarter, 0:00- Third quarter comes to close with a seven-yard catch by Finney that earns a first down. ODU still leads, 28-22. Richmond has a 1st and 10 from the ODU 26 to begin the final quarter.

3rd Quarter, 2:09- Gaskins runs over multiple defenders for a 25-yard run on first down.

3rd Quarter, 2:18- ODU's offense still able to move down the field, but safety Colin Pehanick makes a big tackle on third and 3 to force a 44-yard field goal attempt. The kick is short and left, and Richmond takes over on its own 29.

3rd Quarter, 3:59- Heinicke is starting to show his freshman colors, as he missed a wide-open receiver deep down the middle of the field. It would have been an easy touchdown.

3rd Quarter, 4:06- Richmond linebacker Aaron Roane makes a nice shoe-string tackle at the ODU 28-yard line on the kickoff return.

3rd Quarter, 4:13- Big turn of events for the Spiders. Heinicke ran out of the pocket and gets hit from behind by linebacker Darius McMillan at the 5-yard line, causing a fumble. Defensive back Doug Howell picked up the fumble and raced 95 yards for the touchdown. After the extra point, ODU's lead is cut to 28-22.

3rd Quarter, 5:03- Monarchs run a triple reverse, which goes for 19 yards.

3rd Quarter, 5:14- Offense goes backwards from there, losing six yards on the next three plays. Punter Casey Dobyns's punt is partially blocked and goes just past the line of scrimmage. ODU takes over on the UR 46.

3rd Quarter, 6:43- Gray makes a man miss after a short reception to pick up a first down. Ball is now at midfield.

3rd Quarter, 7:16- Kickoff rolls into the end zone for a touchback, giving the UR offense the ball on its own 20.

3rd Quarter, 7:16- Wynn makes a nice tackle on 3rd and short, forcing ODU to settle for a 23-yard field goal attempt, which kicker Jarod Brown makes. ODU extends its lead again, 28-15.

3rd Quarter, 8:43- Monarchs offense moving down the field with ease. They have a first down on the UR 14 following a long completion.

3rd Quarter, 11:33- Correction from earlier: defensive end Kerry Wynn is not injured and is playing today. Hamilton is also back on the field for the Spiders.

3rd Quarter, 12:05- An incomplete pass brings on the UR punting unit and the ball is downed on the ODU 7.

3rd Quarter, 12:40- Careless error by Richmond offense, as they get called for a delay of game penalty on 3rd and 1.

3rd Quarter, 13:49- Barnette gets just past the first down marker on 3rd and 12, bringing the ball to the ODU 48.

3rd Quarter, 14:50- Richmond gets the ball to start the second half, and Pettus comes through with a 25-yard return to give the offense the ball at the UR 42.

Halftime- Good news coming in for Richmond Athletics. Just got word that Richmond's field hockey team has defeated Temple University, 1-0, in the Atlantic-10 Championship.

Halftime- While disappointed, Richmond is probably fairly comfortable with where it is at the half. The offense is clicking and the defense is getting ODU into some long third downs. For the Spiders to come back, they'll need to get off the field in those situations in the second half. Defensive injuries are clearly playing a major role, so the Spiders will look for a few backups to make some plays. Look for Richmond's defense to force a turnover in the second half, as Heinicke is a true freshman and has been bold with some of his passes already.

2nd Quarter, 0:00- Kamin misses the kick wide right as time expires on the half. ODU heads into the locker room ahead, 25-15.

2nd Quarter, 0:02- Corp gets sacked from his blindside and fumbles the ball. Richmond is able to recover at the ODU 24. The coaching staff decides to wait to call its last timeout and try a 41-yard field goal. ODU also calls its final timeout, attempting to ice kicker Wil Kamin.

2nd Quarter, 1:01- Edwards makes a nice catch on third down, but it is a yard short of the first down. Spiders elect to go for it on fourth down, and Gaskins picks up the needed yard.

2nd Quarter, 1:41- Richmond calls its second timeout of the half, facing a 3rd and 5 from the ODU 19-yard line.

2nd Quarter, 2:58- Corp is intercepted, but the referees bail him out. A roughing-the-passer penalty is called and the offense not only keeps the ball, but also moves up 15 yards. The ball is now on the ODU 24.

2nd Quarter, 4:35- First down catch by Roller on third down has the Spiders out near midfield.

2nd Quarter, 5:29- Pettus runs around for a while, but is taken down at the UR 14-yard line. But, a faskemask penalty is called on ODU and Richmond will begin drive at its own 29.

2nd Quarter, 5:39- Injuries in the defensive backfield prove costly, as backup cornerback Evan Joseph is beat for a 20-yard touchdown pass from Heinicke to receiver Prentice Gill. Monarchs extend their lead, 25-15.

2nd Quarter, 8:07- Monarchs' coaching staff clearly saw something before this game that suggested screen passes would work against Richmond's defense. They're out near midfield after another one gaining big yards.

2nd Quarter, 8:45- ODU will begin its next drive on its own 31 following the kickoff.

2nd Quarter, 8:50- After ODU calls another timeout, Corp finds Edwards for a five-yard touchdown connection. Monarchs' lead now stands at 18-15.

2nd Quarter, 8:55- ODU calls its first timeout with Richmond facing a 3rd and 2 five yards from the end zone.

2nd Quarter, 10:06- On 3rd and 10, Corp finds Gray down the middle of the field for a first down. The ball is now at the 13.

2nd Quarter, 10:13- Two plays later, Barnette fails to make the easier catch, as he was running wide open down the sideline with what looked like a touchdown if he had brought it in.

2nd Quarter, 10:47- On 3rd and 4, Richmond receiver Stephen Barnette makes an acrobatic catch, tipping the ball up in the air, turning around and eventually diving to catch the falling ball. First down for the Spiders on the ODU 37.

2nd Quarter, 12:20- Solid 30-yard return by Pettus gives the Spiders possession on their own 38.

2nd Quarter, 12:29- Two plays later, ODU running back Angus Harper runs in for a five-yard touchdown. Monarchs successfully elect to kick the extra point this time, and ODU extends its lead to 18-8.

2nd Quarter, 13:14- Breakdown in coverage by Spider defense leaves a receiver wide open down the field. Cornerback Wayne Pettus makes it worse, drawing a facemask penalty on the tackle. ODU now has a first down on the UR 13.

2nd Quarter, 14:03- Monarchs pick up a first down on a questionable catch along the sideline at midfield.

1st Quarter, 0:00- Opening quarter comes to a close with ODU leading, 11-8. The Monarchs have a 1st and 10 on their own 32. Richmond seemed to have successfully weathered the early-game storm.

1st Quarter, 0:42- Richmond cornerback Daryl Hamilton walks off the field with an apparent injury. Spiders need him to return quickly, already playing without two starting defensive backs.

1st Quarter, 0:54- Richmond's kickoff unit fixes whatever problem it had on the opening kickoff and drops the ODU returner at the ODU 17.

1st Quarter, 1:01- One play later, Corp finds tight end Kevin Finney for a 17-yard touchdown. The offense stays on the field for a two-point attempt and backup quarterback John Laub finds the other tight end Sam Roller open for the conversion. Spiders cut into Monarchs lead, 11-8.

1st Quarter, 1:25- Big play for Richmond, as quarterback Aaron Corp finds receiver Ben Edwards open for a 27-yard gain. Spiders down to the ODU 17.

1st Quarter, 2:12- First punt forced by Richmond's defense, but ODU refuses to go through with the punt. They also attempt a fake, and are also stopped short. Richmond offense takes over at the ODU 49.

1st Quarter, 3:55- Heinicke gets Monarchs out from their own end zone, running out of the pocket on third down to pick up a first down. Ball is own the ODU 29.

1st Quarter, 4:44- Offense tries to surprise ODU's defense with a run play on 3rd and 6 near midfield, but the Monarchs aren't fooled. No fake punt this time, and ODU takes over at its own 8-yard line.

1st Quarter, 6:24- Clutch first down catch by receiver Tre Gray on a 3rd and 7 keeps the Spider offense on the field.

1st Quarter, 8:17- Spider offense earns a first down on a short run by fullback Kendall Gaskins, its first of the game. Ball is on the UR 34.

1st Quarter, 8:36- Another injury note for the Spider defense. Starting safety Cooper Taylor is also not playing. He is replaced by redshirt freshman Reggie Barnette.

1st Quarter, 8:36- On 3rd and 5, a wide-open ODU receiver drops an easy catch near the sideline. The Monarchs elect to try for a 37-yard field goal and make it. ODU extends its lead to 11-0.

1st Quarter, 10:04- Monarchs get a first down on a 3rd and 10 screen pass. Plays like that have to be frustrating to Richmond's defense.

1st Quarter, 11:17- Spider offense fails to get a first down and fakes a punt on fourth down. Punter Nick Hicks overthrows an open receiver and ODU takes over on the UR 37. This game has got to be reminding Richmond's players and coaches of last week when the team went down 21-0 in the first quarter. This could get ugly.

1st Quarter, 12:39- Richmond's opening possession comes from its own 30-yard line.

1st Quarter, 12:47- The Monarchs move down the field with ease, and ODU quarterback Taylor Heinicke finds receiver Larry Pinkard open for a 14-yard touchdown. On the extra point, ODU fakes the field goal and runs it in for the two-point conversion. Monarchs lead early, 8-0.

1st Quarter, 13:11- Redshirt freshman Eric Wright is the extra linebacker in on this formation.

1st Quarter, 14:36- As predicted, Richmond's defense has come out in a 3-4 because of the injuries on the defensive line.

1st Quarter, 14:49- ODU receives the opening kickoff. Big return out across midfield, and they have the ball on Richmond's 46.

Pregame- A lot of factors working against Richmond today. Aside from a lack of motivation with playoffs out of the picture, the team suffered a bunch of injuries last week, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Pregame chatter suggests the defense may be without usual starters Jacob Pierce, Corey Jackson, Kerry Wynn, and Tremayne Graham. There has also been some talk to suggest that the unit will play a significant amount of 3-4 defense (three linemen and four linebackers) to account for the lack of linemen available. Kickoff now less than 10 minutes away.

Pregame- Welcome back to another live football blog. We're approaching the end of Richmond's season with only two more games left after this one. Today, we're in Norfolk, Va., and the Spiders are taking on Old Dominion University at Foreman Field. With five straight in-conference losses, Richmond is really just playing for pride at this point. Interim Coach Wayne Lineburg said after last week's loss that the team will look to play spoiler in its remaining games and today's game is a perfect opportunity to spoil a rival's season that is heading towards a playoff spot otherwise.

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