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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Senior social BUSted

A memorable 2012 Richmond senior Halloween social ended with an accident between one of the social's buses and a stationary car.

A bus full of Richmond seniors in costumes ranging from pop stars to Power Rangers hit a car stopped at a red light as it turned the corner, said Jackie Stockinger, president of the Westhampton College senior class. The car lost part of its front bumper, she said.

After the bus had stopped for a long period of time, some students started calling taxis to pick them up and take them back to campus.

Seniors were told the buses would run continuously back and forth from 9 p.m. to midnight. The buses arrived on time, but a miscommunication with the bus company put the drivers under the impression they were only to drive one large group to the venue and drop them off, Stockinger said.

Two of the three drivers agreed to drive back and forth from the venue even though the contract stated otherwise, Stockinger said.

At 10:45 p.m. on the night of the social, a large group of seniors waited in C-Lot for a returning bus. Police officers warned the students that the bus would not be back soon so some drove themselves to the venue.

When one bus finally arrived, a mass of students ran to the side of the bus as police ordered them to step back. The group of students followed the bus around the parking lot until it finally stopped.

When the doors opened, students stormed up the stairs, leaving about half of the group still waiting in the parking lot after the bus was full.

Upon arrival to the social's venue, Vision's Ultra Lounge, students danced and drank discounted cocktails. At one point the club hit maximum capacity and refused to allow more students in, Stockinger said. Any student that left the club was denied reentry.

Hunter Reed, Richmond College senior class president, said it had seemed as if the students at the club had enjoyed themselves.

"The off-campus venue gave people a chance to get out of the Richmond bubble," he said. Unlike the bus situation, the venue did not present Reed and Stockinger with any problems, Reed said.

One bus driver went back and forth between the venue and campus three times, Stockinger said.

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The next morning, Stockinger emailed the Westhampton College senior class and offered them reimbursements through the Westhampton Deanery for taxis taken home from the venue because of the problem with the buses. Reed said the Richmond Deanery planned to offer the Richmond College seniors the same reimbursement.

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