Q: Between a bad breakup and the long summer, I've been out of the dating scene for a while. What are some good ideas for a guy trying to get back on the dating scene, and for a fun date on a college student budget?

A: Coming back from a long summer is hard on everyone, let me just say that first.

All of the students on campus are getting back into the swing of things and are not necessarily looking to go out with anyone immediately--unless they'd had a little something going on over the summer.

Aside from that, all a girl wants to know is that she is worth something special to someone.

So, the question is how do you show her that on a college student budget?

I would recommend taking her out to the best eating establishment on campus--D-hall.

If she appears to be waffling on the invitation (which would be crazy, since D-hall is phenomenal), try using a battle-tested pick up line like, "I would swipe you in any day," or, "I heard that today's special includes wings, with a side of sexy."

Another fantastic activity on campus is a romantic walk around the lake at sunset.

It's a good time to talk, get to know your potential new partner and to see if she is in good shape.

During the walk, always make sure to be a couple steps behind her, so she feels like she is in charge and you can make sure that you are safe from the deadly assaults of the resident geese.

Take note: the geese become very jealous of couples walking around the lake, probably because of a their own relationship problems. Read: The Ugly Duckling story.

Finally, never sell yourself short.

Never think someone is too good for you, but keep in mind that that one girl that you hooked up with at the lodge that first night when you were drunk--just don't put too much faith in her memory. Suck it up, and move on.

Other than that, make sure you find the one, and not just one.

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