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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Jessica Lang dance company returns to Richmond

The Jessica Lang dance company returned to the University of Richmond on Friday to perform for an almost packed house of community members and students in the Alice Jepson Theater.

The dancers performed six pieces set to different musical scores and mixed with a variety of props from wooden blocks to long lengths of fabric.

Students in all dance classes and some theater classes were required to see the performance. Abbey Beichler, a sophomore dance student, said, "This is actually the first dance performance I've been to, so I'm very excited."

Before attending the performance on Friday, Jessica Lang held a workshop for some of the classes on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

"I've been at U of R before," Lang said. "I love coming back and being part of a university atmosphere." "I love to inspire and hopefully guide younger generations."

The performance was partially sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee and featured choreographed performances in different mediums, such as live and on film.

Adam Claar, who graduated from Richmond in 2003, called it the best live dance he had ever seen.

The last piece, "i.n.k.," was performed for the first time in front of an audience at Friday's two-hour event. The dance consisted of an electronic screen displaying images of droplets of ink while the dance company members moved to the sounds of water dripping.

"i.n.k." was based off of a Japanese artist who lived in the same apartment as Lang, she said. He works with film, prints, liquids and ink, Lang said.

According to the Modlin Center for the Arts event program, Jessica Lang Dance was started in July 2011, and has been under the direction and choreography of Jessica Lang, who has been working as a choreographer since 1999. The company consists of eight dancers and five members working in stage management and administration.

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