Those who know Jennifer Fog know that she doesn't often attend apartment parties (or, for that matter, use a pseudonym) And yet, I found myself in a UFA living room last Friday night trying to participate in an Anchorman drinking game and attempting to operate in an atmosphere that was so very "college-y." My distaste for cliches has always led me to dislike "college-y" experiences, at least outside the classroom. So I was relieved when a group of us took a taxi off-campus to Carytown for food and drinks. Always in a state of readiness for a review (even after a pre-game), Weezie's Kitchen on Cary Street was the perfect place to indulge in, as one of my companions put it "an anti-UR atmosphere."

The red-framed doors were wide open to the small restaurant, and I couldn't help but feel welcome. At 10:30 p.m. the place was packed with young people, including a belligerent group in the back who sang, took pictures and generally made a spectacle of themselves. This wasn't entirely inappropriate, however, since Weezie's is one of the most casual non-fast food restaurants I've ever patronized. It's some mix between a Mexican restaurant, with stucco and rounded arches, and the dining hall, with faux flowers on the table and a veritable dollar store explosion of Halloween decorations.

My group didn't venture out of its comfort zone in terms of drinks; two of the party ordered PBRs, and I went with my old stand-by, hard cider on tap. Unfortunately, this $5 beverage was more like apple juice than anything remotely alcoholic, and I jealously looked on at the Woodchuck my friend had gotten. Looking at the menu, I had higher hopes for the food; there really wasn't a single dish on the menu I thought I wouldn't like. With the starters, salads, sandwiches, all no more than $11, and formidable meals like pork chops and jerk chicken (around $15-20), I was having a hard time deciding. The others didn't; a chicken parmesan sub, soup and sandwich and Portobello melt were all ordered quickly. I was surprised that I finally ordered the simple BBQ pork sandwich, as I usually tend to be more adventurous when I review, but it proved to be a good choice.

Everyone raved about his or her meals, especially, it should be noted, the fries: they were crispy and perfectly salted, leading one of the group members to comment that they were "the best fries on this side of France." I couldn't complain about my sandwich; the pork was tender, its sauce tasty and the coleslaw on top was fresh. It was your typical barbecue, but it was on point. The mac and cheese I got on the side was a little more out of the ordinary, sort of like Velveeta on acid. It was extra cheesy, with a bit of spicy flavor, and it was definitely my favorite part of the meal.

One of the party members said "Nine out of 10," when I asked about his experience, and I have to agree. The service was pretty good for such a busy night, and the food was cheap and satisfying. I am definitely going to return to try some of their breakfast items maybe when I have a family member in town who will force me to get up before my usual 3 p.m. (when breakfast at Weezie's officially stops).

The sign over the bar, in true Halloween fashion, said "Be very afraid"-- but don't heed that advice. Treat yourself to Weezie's Kitchen as soon as you can!