With the recent struggles of the New York Jets, many are calling for a change at quarterback. But would they do so if they didn't have the most glorified back-up QB in NFL history? Lets look at the facts.

Currently, the Jets stand at 2-3, just one game back of the division-leading Patriots. Their three losses have come to three of the top five teams in the league (Steelers, 49ers and Texans). With early season-ending injuries to stars on both sides of the ball, cornerback Darrelle Revis and wide receiver Santonio Holmes, is it fair to expect more from the Jets? I don't think so.

Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez has received the brunt of the blame for the Jets' "disaster." To be fair, Sanchez is 31st in the league with a passer rating of 66.6 and 30th in the league in completions (77). The stats never lie. Sanchez is struggling, and I completely understand why such a passionate fan base would be calling for his demotion.

I just want to remind Jets fans of a few things before rushing into this decision. Sanchez's top receivers are Chaz Schilens and Jeremy Kerley. Who? Combined (before this season) this tandem has recorded 1,216 receiving yards and eight touchdowns in five seasons. Most teams have one guy who puts up these numbers in just one season. And it's not a knock on these guys. They would be solid third and fourth options.

As for the Jets running game, 415 yards in 5 games is not good (62 of those yards come from quarterbacks). Starting running back Shonn Greene is averaging 2.9 yards per carry, third worst in the league. For a team that head coach Rex Ryan has built to play good defense and run the ball down the throat of opponents, this is just simply not good enough.

All I'm saying is, let's cut Sanchez a little slack; he doesn't have much talent around him. Now that we examined the facts, I'll pose the question. Is it Tebow time?

Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow finds a way to win. It won't be pretty, but the man will simply do anything and everything to ensure that the Jets will have a chance to win. At the end of the day, isn't that all that matters?

I could rattle off some of his horrific stats, but I think they are misleading. I could say he possesses no qualities of the standard NFL quarterback, but he wins. I could say he will never be successful in this league, but he may prove me wrong.

He sure did last year, leading the Denver Broncos to a playoff berth and ultimately knocking off the Steelers in a first-round playoff game. The Broncos were 8-5 in games that Tebow started last year.

I just want Jets fans and other football fans who are calling for Tebow to understand that their cries may be a bit premature. Give Sanchez one more game to prove his worth. You owe him that. In just three seasons (prior to 2012), the 25-year-old has led you to two AFC Championship games, compiling an impressive 28-20 record during these years. Don't forget that.

But if Tim Tebow is the New York Jets starting QB in the very near future, I would not be surprised. The Jets take on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Who do you think will be behind center?